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ThinkPad Laptop question

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User Info: TinyTankX

4 months ago#1
So I’ve usually used MacBooks but as most of us can see they’ve become quite underwhelming for the hefty price tag they carry. Furthermore, ever since I built my own gaming desktop I have grown to enjoy having the freedom to change and upgrade parts as needed.

So this brings me to the my question involving Lenovo and their Thinkpads. Right now the company I work offers a corporate discount on their latest line of laptops. I think right now it’s up to 35% off which is a really good deal compared to anywhere else.

I’ve been taking a look at the P line of their Thinkpads since I don’t care for slim laptops, just ones that I can change/replace batteries, drives, and RAM.

How are their laptops? They seem to have a very good reputation and I would definitely like to invest in one especially with the corporate discount. Also are there other recommended ones you all would suggest? I think the one I’m looking at only has six hours of battery which isn’t a big deal but if there was one with more that would be good too.


User Info: Ryzeki

4 months ago#2
I use a P51 for work. It is definitely recommended. Overall build quality is good, battery life is great (depending on the task at hand, I have gotten 6 hours of use if not more). Performance is good enough. I wouldn't recommend getting any CPU aside from the 7700HQ, or spring all the way to the xeon chip. In my experience, the cooling is not up to snuff for anything above a 7700HQ so I would keep that choice.

The stock 1080p screen is great, much much better than the horrible TN panels they used until recently. The keyboard has a nice key travel and feedback, and the touchpad is back to both the nub+touchpad+independent buttons and no longer the idiotic single button touchpad.

Definitely get one if you need a no nonsense workhorse. The Quadro GPU is good enough for productivity and CAD software even if its a low end GPU for gaming.

My main concern with the machine is that it does not allow BIOS modification for Memory clockspeeds, so if you want to upgrade yourself later, try to use compatible RAM, otherwise it will go down to 2133mhz as compatibility, despite ram being rated for higher. Another nitpick is that in order to use M.2 drives, you need to buy a 6-10dlrs plastic shell that they sell (same as the P50 one).

I cannot stress enough how much better this machine is compared to the current T series and even some older ones. I really dislike how the T series became a plastic piece of crap with terrible touchpad and horrible screen with terrible cooling. My T540p was absolute crap compared to my P51.

The machine is almost as slim as the ultra low voltage variants anyways.
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