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Do you play from your couch, or strictly at a desk?

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User Info: Pelaaja82

6 months ago#11
Desk, as i dont even have a couch.
Pc: i7 6700k/980 ti/16gb ram and Ps4.

User Info: farigonti

6 months ago#12
Howabout both?

User Info: ein311

6 months ago#13
Mostly play at my desk, but I stream games to my Shield on occasion.
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User Info: Hagan

6 months ago#14
linkin80 posted...
-5xad0w- posted...

Even when using a controller.

PC isn't anywhere near a couch.

This. Also my monitor is better than my TV for gaming, higher refresh rate.
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User Info: Vs1991

6 months ago#15
both. got a desk near my tv. controller games on tv. fps, rts, and mobas at the desk

User Info: SilentCaay

6 months ago#16
Both. I have a couch near my PC and use my wireless controller for applicable games.
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User Info: CELTEKK

6 months ago#17
I've been moving my desktop and hooking up to the 4K tv for longer sessions, using controller (DS4) and M/K

User Info: Backlog

6 months ago#18
Couch. Have my pc set up on a 55” 4ktv
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User Info: Boge

6 months ago#19
I've tried to play on a recliner with a keyboard and mouse or even a gamepad. Something about it just feels off and I can't put my finger on it. So I prefer to stay at my desk.
With deeper knowledge and experience, everything becomes more shallow.

User Info: krazycharlie

6 months ago#20
PC and laptop? Desk most of time.
Console? Couch or comfortable chair.
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