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Do you think game developers are purposely making their game more demanding?

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  3. Do you think game developers are purposely making their game more demanding?

User Info: Terrorknight3

5 months ago#1
Just so new version of video card can sell?

I mean graphics have reached a plateau and I don't see a lot of games in 2017 that looks better than the Witcher 3.

Yet newer games always need the current hard-ware to get 60+ FPS in max settings.

User Info: dennis941012

5 months ago#2
what new games requires better specs than witcher 3?
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User Info: Terrorknight3

5 months ago#3
dennis941012 posted...
what new games requires better specs than witcher 3?

in 2015, the top video cards were the 970,980

In 2017, the top video cards are the 1070, 1080.

What's the point of buying current year video card then?

User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#4
Crysis 1 took another 2 generations of top tier GPU to max out on 1080p and maintain a 60fps. Yet you didn't hear mongrels blaming and flaming Crytek for it being 'unoptimized' back in those days.

User Info: Requiem

5 months ago#5
The games are becoming more demanding because that's what customers demand for AAA titles.
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User Info: arleas

5 months ago#6
I'd personally rather have a game that's more demanding than current hardware can max out so that a few years down the road I'd see improvement. Some people want to be able to max everything out right away though.

Maybe Developers should release the game with gimped settings so that it's maxed out right away, and then 2 years later they reveal the unlocked settings in a patch and suddenly you need new hardware to ultra-max it. You'd have to do it in a way that wasn't explicitly available to anyone with a little curiosity and basic hacking tools though or it might be discovered too soon and then we'd have people crying that the game isn't maxxed out.

But really, I expect 4K and VR to be pushing the limits of what modern cards can do and really requiring a card that isn't out yet to reach the full potential.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

5 months ago#7
The GTX xx70 cards and above can typically max out games of each gen typically at 1080p.

You have to go for a better card for higher resolutions though. If you're willing to max out the next gens AAA games without upgrading you just have to lower the resolution. That's what I did for Deus Ex Mankind Divided, I went 1440p as I still had a GTX 980 Stix at the time.
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User Info: KamenRiderBlade

5 months ago#8
Some may be, but most are not.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

5 months ago#9
In a general sense, yes. But there is nothing devious about it.

With made up numbers, cause I'm not bothering to find real numbers....
Let's say this year, computers can handle 2000 polygons. So as the developer i reduce my 250,000,000 polygons models down to 2000. Never mind that we've had models this detailed since the year 2002. Computers can't run them at more than 1 frame a minute, so we have to reduce them.
Next year, computers are more powerful, so now i reduce my models to 4000 polygons. Yay doubled the quality. But my new professional tools made it with 350,000,000 polygons.
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
5 months ago#10
Except . . they're only demanding because the devs are incompetent.

We have modern games that "require" a 1060 , that don't look as good as games from 5 years ago.
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