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Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2?

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User Info: vlado_e

4 months ago#11
DiviDude posted...
I can only speak for the single player campaign, but NWN1 is so unbelievably long and boring

Pretty much this. It should be mention that the Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark expansions are much better, since they at least add some cool mechanics.

NWN2 is classic Bioware fare

It's not made by BioWare but by Obsidian.
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User Info: DiviDude

4 months ago#12
vlado_e posted...
It's not made by BioWare but by Obsidian.

Ah yeah, that's right. It has all of that Bioware stuff e.g. a heavy focus on companion quests, so I'm not surprised I forgot that.

User Info: Ruppe21

4 months ago#13
Both games have a horrible camera but it's worth the battle with the controls to at least play part 2 once because it's a very good game.

Part 1 is just terrible overall although it's 2 expansions have some good stories.

They should have just made the games in the infinity engine instead of going 3d in my opinion.
The 2d dungeons and dragons games aged alot better.

User Info: Hatsune_Miku

4 months ago#14
I'm more of a fan of 1. 2's start almost keeps me from playing it at all. Once you get past it though it gets much better.

User Info: Fate8

4 months ago#15
I enjoyed nvn 1 much more than 2. It is probably due to the combat just feeling a lot more satisfying overall.
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User Info: Kinoringan

4 months ago#16
I prefer Nwn2 as I get to control 1 full party (4 to 6 people) and I can play as an evil character and have an evil walkthrough. The MoTB expansion has a really good story and the evil ending is very satisfying, I feel powerful and all the gods fear me, like really (evil laugh).

User Info: PsykoMage

4 months ago#17
NWN2 is awesome as long as you overlook the AI bugs in the main campaign. MotB and SoZ are awesome expansions, and there are plenty of great modules/campaigns out there. Plus, D&D 3.5 rules are amazing in that game.

User Info: tzuyd

4 months ago#18
VaultDweller21 posted...
Which has the better main storyline, expansions, community, gameplay and role-playing elements?

2 for everything except community. Online functionality in NWN2 was practically non-existent.
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User Info: Djoser2000

4 months ago#19
Both are good but if you have to watch your time, etc.: Go for NWN2.
Esp. Mask of the Betrayer is worth it (one of the best stories in gaming)

User Info: nominturddaddy

4 months ago#20
Mask of the Betrayer
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