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what is the least toxic playerbase of any pc game?

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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
4 months ago#11
Fighting game is the less toxic gameplay wise. It's fairly straight forward, method to actually improve in this genre is well documented & people can't really cheat. Don't care much about the rest as it sim fair overall.

Although sim racing in the other end, I've never seen something so toxic so far in all my gaming experience.

Everything is badly documented...
-Don't explain what you do wrong
-Don't even bother to help you to setup a car
-Get trolled for the above
-Profit because don't know the basic game mechanic(air temp, tire pressure & the importance in alignment as example which is featured in nearly none of the guides)
-Sim racing game is simply badly documented
-Profit by knowing the game flaw & access to game data to profit
-It's mostly about winning easy without challenge
-The very worst part is sim racing mechanic doesn't make much sense in comparison to real life, people profit around it & document you with it. XD

User Info: gtomanga

4 months ago#12
Somato posted...
From what i have seen, Final Fantasy XIV

bad.......but not as toxic as the sanic base
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 months ago#13
Whatever one has nobody playing it.
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User Info: Nazanir

4 months ago#14
daemon_dan posted...
Nazanir posted...
Any game that doesn't have an online component.

The current Cuphead community kinda refutes this claim

Really? That's a shame.
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User Info: Delta_F14

4 months ago#15
Titanfall 2's community is pretty good.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

4 months ago#16
ZaruenKosai posted...
The more players in a game.. the more toxic the community becomes. It really is that simple. In games with smaller communities, if a player starts scamming or trolling than everyone in the community will know them and the mask of anonymity goes is far easier for a player to get away with their bs in a game with a larger community because the mask of anonymity becomes far too powerful.

Also Diablo 2 used to have far more players when it first came out and th multiplayer was less spread out over servers and what now. While lots of people still play Diablo 2 the communities are far more split up.

This is it right here. It's actually a big reason why I don't care when someone says something along the lines of "lol dead game." It's actually why I end up playing the less popular games (that and I generally like the gameplay of them better too.) I know Lawbreakers is practically dead but I hardly ever see anyone toxic, in fact, most of the players are really friendly.

I haven't played Insurgency or Day of Infamy in a while and neither of those games are massively popular (Insurgency actually looks like it regularly gets 2000-3000 players.) But I never really ran into toxic players in those games either. A troll's goal is usually to annoy as many people as possible in as short a time as possible and they're not doing that when there's not that many people playing the game.
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User Info: Hexenherz

4 months ago#17
The Secret World community is pretty non-toxic (well, it was before this relaunch BS started).

User Info: su27Chaos

4 months ago#18
it's combination of popularity and match making system. imo match making system hurt all the communities. in fact people got lazy to make team and simply press queue or play. i remember people pick players or players pick a side on a server and then ended up being a team after playing for a while. you actually have a small community on a certain server.

with match making sadly those tradition disappear. people don't even invite if they played good. they would start again with another random. imagine you start this process over and over people simply get tired and may tend to be more toxic after long period of playing randoms.

i say this to everyone on mmr. remember you played with that player once. no need to judge. just because you played with hundreds of bad players in a row.

worse if a new person with quick learning skills got into mmr bracket. he manage climb but to point where community is a bit experience and plays different than new players. that player will face tons of toxicity just because he didn't acquire some knowledge that veteran player know.

before you say he would stay around low level before he move up. it's not that simple. match making system doesn't read players mind and his knowledge of the playerbase.
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User Info: Edavy89

4 months ago#19
Bringit posted...
Star Wars Galaxies back when it was live for me. I think it was a combination of being pre-WoW so MMOs weren't nearly as popular yet and the game itself was mechanically complex, socially interdependent and overall directionless so it took a certain kind of mindset to be able to not only wrap your head around it but enjoy it too. It was the type of game that once it clicked, you loved it.

The community mostly reflected that fact. Almost everyone I ever met in that game was friendly, supportive and helpful. Off the top of my head over my off and on 8 years with the game, I remember maybe 4 truly bad interactions, 2 of those people became my friends and I'd still hesitate to call one of the others a toxic person.

This, spot on. When social interactions directly play in to your ability to enjoy the game, being a dick isn't nearly as "cool". Being a dick could get you black-listed from every decent vendor on a server.

User Info: VaultDweller21

4 months ago#20
Normally I would say any old cRPG, until I remembered RPGcode.
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