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Anyone else had Firefox freezing while browsing recently?

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User Info: -______-

5 months ago#11
Shub posted...
-______- posted...
im using v54.x and it's been real bad with memory lately. was using this version for at least half a year now and it only started acting up a few weeks ago

Is 54.x an extended support version? If not, why not keep up with the latest version? Current is 56.0 and I believe they're still on a 6-week release cycle.

i remember seeing a report that 55.0 had some problems with some of my addons or something else, so i didn't update

User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#12
Don't normally see it freeze like that unless there's a scripting issue. The only "new" behavior, and I use quotation marks because I haven't updated Firefox in awhile and so the issue isn't likely (entirely) with Firefox, is that a week or two ago it started crashing my nVidia display driver when watching YouTube videos and switching them to full screen.

I don't necessarily blame that on Firefox in and of itself, however, as that's around the time I also updated my GTX 1060's drivers and started using Aero to get GeForce Experience properly recording gameplay video under Windows 7.

All things considered I think I'll just scrap GE, switch Aero off, and see if that solves the problem since it's not like either is worth it.
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User Info: builder111

4 months ago#13
Made the switch to chrome recently, firefox rip

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 months ago#14
Been getting this lately as well, for at least a month, probably longer.
In general, it's something that's been getting worse and worse though.
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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#15
I started using firefox again (after a LOOOONG hiatus) and haven't seen any freezing issues. That's the one thing I hated about Firefox was that any attempt to uninstall and reinstall would just pick up the old profile and potentially the problems of the old profile. I think once I was able to totally ditch the problems by making a new profile but it doesn't always work out that way.

However, one of the reasons I decided to ditch Pale Moon was that it was locking up on flash videos. If I watched a flash video in fullscreen (I think it had to be fullscreen) then I would exit the video later and it would tell me that a plugin wasn't responding and I could kill it to get control again. That would happen almost EVERY time I watched a video and was annoying.

I think that after firefox installs on top of the same profile enough times it just starts developing problems. Like a mutated cell that starts a disease or something...
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User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#16
I had tons of issues with Firefox on my old pc, it basically didn't work at all anymore, despite (or because of) doing constant updates.

On my new laptop I only use edge and chrome and had zero issues so far.

I think Firefox is somehow outdated and they're trying to cover up with their constant updates, but why people still use it is beyond me (the addons suck too with their compatibility issues)

arleas posted...
I think that after firefox installs on top of the same profile enough times it just starts developing problems. Like a mutated cell that starts a disease or something...

Basically this.

Whoever designs this program doesn't really know what they're doing.
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User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#17
Kalirion posted...
It freezes and goes completely unresponsive for several seconds, then everything goes back to normal. I'm wondering if one of my extensions is to blame or what.

Anybody else experience this withing the last week or so?

What version are you on?

Try a older version of the browser.
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User Info: DiviDude

4 months ago#18
Happens to me with Youtube. Might be an HTML5 thing but I don't know.

User Info: Kalirion

4 months ago#19
The last few days it stopped happening. I'm not sure what changed, might have been a windows update. Or maybe it'll start happening again.
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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#20
Maybe you should save a system restore point while it's working so that if it happens again you can see if a system restore will fix it...
FC: 3325-5440-8407 Dream Code:5E00-0013-7C61
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