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Video games that made you cry

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User Info: Zaeem

4 months ago#41
Well didn't cry but got emotional in mgs3 ending,mgs 5 phantom pain prologue and mission 43, dino crisis 2 ending, silent hill origins.

User Info: -Locke-

4 months ago#42
The Walking Dead Season 1 ending made me cry. So sad.

Newest Zelda game because it's so perfect and beautiful. Tears of joy I guess.

User Info: Fade2black001

4 months ago#43
quite a few have
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User Info: Moonse

4 months ago#44
Oh quite a few have, can't quite remember most at the top of my head.

Strangely enough the theme song / song in the Temple of Light or Avo from Fable games do it to me.
In the first game it was just really beautiful to me as a kid, was the game I got an Xbox for.

In the second game it was a moment of nostalgia, it had been a long time since I played Fable so it did catch me off guard to hear it again.

In the third game it struck me particularly hard hearing it, was a very different play of the song and coming from Fable 2's disappointment it was almost as if the game knew itself that it's magic was gone, in more ways than one.

I'll still buy any proper Fable title if one ever comes out, just in case it captures that feeling Fable 1 gave me.

Edit: Tearing up listening to Fable 1's OST right now.
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User Info: anonymous46773

4 months ago#45
The only game that has made me full on cry is Chusingura 46+1 S. Found it on Steam, thought it looked kinda boring but decided to try it anyways since it was free and it turned out to have probably my favorite story of all time.
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User Info: Hexenherz

4 months ago#46
Final Fantasy X made me cry. That stupid 0 second Chocobo Race drove me crazy.

User Info: BlackBlazeQ

4 months ago#47
Slayer posted...
MGS4 ending, The Walking Dead S1 Ending, The Last of Us opening.

Mgs4 ending man......... It almost got me the tears were so close..... old snake almost did it...
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User Info: thelocalhentai

4 months ago#48
More than a few times.

Aerith's death, man that sucked, the materia falling and the music. Was much more of a romantic when I was a kid but man even now, the scene is just sad.

Xenogears, after figuring out the whole, "we'll be together in every incarnation" deal and how the past lives is affecting the present. Stuff like how Emeralda was their "child" from a past incarnation and that super teased romance between Lacan and Sophia and the eventual rise of Grahf which haunts the current incarnation. Even some of the side stuff like Rico's backstory was sad. Absolutely beautiful game.

User Info: zxxcman

4 months ago#49
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky.
The Last of Us's opening. I replayed the game several times, and after the first playthrough, doesn't matter if I'm trying to re-experience the story or not, I skip that cut scene.
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User Info: Naughty_Lemon

4 months ago#50
I know it may sound stupid, bu trails in the sky SC ending and trails of Cold Steel 2 scnes after the last major boss battles made me emotional

Also I find Chrono Cross ending to be bittersweet
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