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Any idea how this happened?

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User Info: JoboHotep

4 months ago#21
unknown_VS posted...
^Thanks again.

No worries man! I like to help people when I know enough to be able to, lol.

unknown_VS posted...

Generally what kind of backup should I make though?
I'd just want to keep my files (pictures, videos, saves, music, other files, log in data, if possible) in the corresponding places - if that's even possible while doing a "downgrade"?

If you use Macrium, the user interface is menu driven, so you can pick and choose exactly (and only) what you want to back up, all the way up to backing up the whole drive if you wanted to do that. It also has built in file compression, so the backup file(s) are much smaller for storage.

As for keeping stuff in the same places, I haven't used Windows 8, so I don't know it's layout exactly, but it's probably at least similar to Windows 10 in where it stores stuff. You might have to move a file or two here or there to where it needs to be, but I can't imagine you'd have to do that much, if at all.

unknown_VS posted...
And I suppose I'd need to redownload any games and reinstall any programs I'm using.

For programs, it would probably be a good idea to reinstall anyway, since you're changing operating system versions.

For games, do you mean on Steam? Steam has a built-in feature to allow you to back up games so you don't need to re-download them (I use it myself, some of my games are 30+GBs). Here's how:

NOTE: This function backs up the game files, not save files, so if you want those also, you'll need to find them (generally in documents/my games/game name if they aren't cloud stored).

Steam is the only online distribution I use, so I can't speak for other services like EA Origin and others, but since Steam has a back up feature, I'd bet they do as well.

Oh, and if you mean GoG (formerly known as Good Old Games), the installer you download installs the game, whether online or off, with no worries about DRM.
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