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IS the 970 4GB good for 1080p?

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User Info: Januzaj_Dragon

5 months ago#1
I plan on buying Nioh soon and while the specs look a bit daunting i'm sure i cna easily play it on med-high with 60FPS at 1080p. Especially Action mode which is 1080p60/ as opposed to 4k movie mode options

User Info: PhilOnDez

5 months ago#2
I'm honestly surprised at how well my 670 was still running things at 1080 before I upgraded my monitor. I can't imagine a 970 having trouble outside of people with a 'gotta max everything!' mentality.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

5 months ago#3
It should be fine for 1080p at med/high. You might have trouble with some more unoptimised games, but it should be fine. If that's what you have right now, then you shouldn't need to upgrade, but if you're thinking of buying a GPU, then you might want to stretch to a 980 if possible. It would allow for much more overhead.
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User Info: sfcalimari

5 months ago#4
It's great for 1080p gaming. I haven't come across any major games yet that it couldn't run very well with high settings. It should do fine with Nioh unless it's super unoptimized, in which case a 1070 or whatever might not be much better. Hopefully the current PS4/Xbone plateau and overpriced 10XX cards being out of reach of most gamers means the 970 will stay strong for a while.
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User Info: DreDayy

5 months ago#5
You will be fine.
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User Info: cugabuh

5 months ago#6
I have a 970 in the living room PC and it does great. You'll be fine for now, though you may need to consider an upgrade in a year or two.
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User Info: Ryzeki

5 months ago#7
An overclocked 970 is still a great gaming GPU.
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User Info: yahya_no_1

5 months ago#8
I had a 970 4gb 2 years ago, as long as it was for 1080p and not the 4K TV I was trying to get it to play on loool, it was doing fine

User Info: Unknown281

5 months ago#9
Hopefully my 970 GTX will able to handle Nioh and Final Fantasy XV when it releases.

User Info: yahya_no_1

5 months ago#10
Unknown281 posted...
Hopefully my 970 GTX will able to handle Nioh and Final Fantasy XV when it releases.

I don't see why not, Nioh isn't really that much of a beautiful game that need high demand, should be OK at high maybe even more, FF15 will be OK at mid to high with no issues

I played Made Max at the hist settings at 4K, it only crashed at random but was running fine 40/50fps with 970 GTX
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