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Another stupid question about Yu-Gi-Oh...

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  3. Another stupid question about Yu-Gi-Oh...

User Info: Sailor_Razor

4 months ago#1
because the dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh board isn't lively and I'm still using the existence of a Yu-Gi-Oh game on the PC as an excuse to do this.

That question being, what cards do you think would benefit most from being given the detail of "This card may be placed in the Extra Deck"? Assuming that being in the extra deck meets what its summon condition was otherwise, like both Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and Wall Shadow can be summoned from it in spite of not actually being in the hand or deck respectively. "May" also does not mean "must", so if you wanted to load the card into your main deck anyway, you could.

User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 months ago#2
Cards that can be summoned from the Extra Deck that you can use will benefit the most from being there.

Look up any competitive deck and you'll see.

Other than that, there is no point to the Extra Deck as far as I know.

Even if your deck doesn't use the Extra Deck it's best to fill it up with meta cards that are useful from the Extra Deck. That way in case you get a tuner or something from the course of gameplay you might be able to use it.

User Info: Rai_Jin

4 months ago#3
Any hard to summon card I guess? Like

User Info: Legolas432

4 months ago#4
is there going to be a new you gi oh game on console or pc any time soon?
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  3. Another stupid question about Yu-Gi-Oh...

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