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IGN has acquired Humble Bundle.

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User Info: Jason_Hudson

5 months ago#21
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. It could be EA or Activision. IGN may have s***ty reviews, but they might do right by Humble Bundle.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 months ago#22
mark my words, this is the end for humble bundle.
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User Info: Alaph0000

4 months ago#23
I wonder it does with IGN? Account setting cannot update. Fix such amateur mistake. Surprise it can link but cannot unlink. Like totally setup.

User Info: MyDogSkip

4 months ago#24
FWIW Game Informer has given scores of 7/10 to the two games that GameStop has published so far.
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User Info: rpgian

4 months ago#25
It's got to be a great tax asset. Game is worth $10-20 in the REAL market with considerations to used copies,key sites, and sales wars from the various players in it.

Can deduct anything below the accepted sticker of $60 as charitable givings. So you raise $5 for charity on a game. Nice deed for whatever cause and no tax on that $5.

However a nice minus $55 for your company from other earnings for giving it away. Now naturally the bulk of that is going to be going to the IP owner/publisher who gave away the key but HB would get a portion of the break (or what would go to charity instead)

I think it would be more charitable for them not to do it and instead pay taxes and have the gov. spend it on internal needs of people like cops,fire,roads,healthcare instead of tank factory 999 or redistricting plan #666 to control votes.

Considering the IRS is all up in the individuals s***, I hope they get all up in that s***.

User Info: CommunismFTW

4 months ago#26
Tigercml posted...
Well that's the end of that site.
Since only from below can one better see the heights.

User Info: CommunismFTW

4 months ago#27
DamorahTalset posted...

This, too. Instantly killed my monthly subscription.
Since only from below can one better see the heights.
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