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Crytek's Hunt will be on Early Access soon - are you interested?

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  3. Crytek's Hunt will be on Early Access soon - are you interested?

User Info: pothocket

7 months ago#1

As someone that has a very 'meh' reaction to the current trend of sandbox battle-royal games, this looks sweet as hell. I'm definitely interested in trying this out

User Info: sylverlolol

7 months ago#2
Definitely looks interesting...but if the pubg trend continues, its just going to filled with everyone who turns the settings down as low as possible to get every kind of advantage they can.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

7 months ago#3
Crytek still exists?

User Info: Fony

7 months ago#4
POV and frame rate gave me rabies.
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User Info: Okikurmi

7 months ago#5
watched igns video, looks very interesting, but the frame rate is pants. Tremble...before me... greatness... I shall ascend to the heavens...

User Info: ritsuka66

7 months ago#6
Hell no.
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User Info: Rand_Aybara

7 months ago#7
I was when it was a different kind of game. I have zero interest now

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

7 months ago#8
I love how the FPS dropped to like 20 FPS every time the player went into ADS

User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#9
their stupid. They should of made a TimeSplitters collection or remake, would of been easy money...
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  3. Crytek's Hunt will be on Early Access soon - are you interested?

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