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Recommend me a chill game with an extremely high skill ceiling

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User Info: darkhouse999

5 months ago#31
Rexdragon125 posted...
Guild Wars 2. You're free to dick around exploring on your own, and if you want to challenge yourself there are fractal dungeons and raids now.

This, also WvW and PvP.
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User Info: Borticus1

5 months ago#32
I'm still trying to figure out how he plays Gran Turismo with one hand.
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User Info: CTKoncker

5 months ago#33
Check out World War Online, its a simple browser game, that has a high skill level and all you need is a mouse to play.

User Info: Hatsune_Miku

5 months ago#34
Games made my Illusion. Almost all one handed, not really complicated though...

User Info: pothocket

5 months ago#35
I still think this topic makes no sense. To me a "chill game with high skill ceiling" is actually the opposite of the type of game's TC is asking for. I think it would mean a game that requires no physical skill and no time pressure with gameplay that requires heavy thinking

User Info: Ratchetrockon

5 months ago#36
dmc 3

vanilla games doesn't have a style switch feature so you can play the game with one hand even with a controller since all you have to do is lock on and some moves automatically charge towards the enemy. I've played through some missions with one hand pretty easily by utilizing ground jc to stay slightly above the enemy to avoid damage.

As far as a competitive element goes there used to be one back in 2007-2010 for true style tournaments but those are long gone now :(. There is still an active community though and some people still regularly make dmc 3 videos.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 months ago#37
Lienhart posted...
Whoever suggested me Warframe..I can't play this with one hand but holy s*** it is good

Give it time. You will learn.
There are legit builds that can lock down a map with 0 effort and can easily play with 1 hand.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

5 months ago#38
Any point-and-click Adventure of Visual Novel. Only takes 1 hand to run a mouse.

User Info: JKatarn

5 months ago#39
Why the bizarre requirements?
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User Info: Lienhart

5 months ago#40
JKatarn posted...
Why the bizarre requirements?

Sometimes I vaporize herb. Because vaporizing involves heating something up without burning it, I have to keep inhaling or waste one hand is busy for 15 minutes or so lol

And, not to brag, I am very good at most video game genres. The only category I'm not competitive are fighters. So if I play anything, I want there to be a high skill ceiling because there's joy to be derived when watching one's own skill develop....might just be an ego thing though!
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