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Who is ur PC game waifu?

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(message deleted)

User Info: arleas

6 months ago#42
ShinXagura posted...
That's a crime.

Maybe crime is a bit strong, but it does go against the TOS on this site.

(No account sharing)
FC: 3325-5440-8407 Dream Code:5E00-0013-7C61

User Info: rpgian

6 months ago#43
I don't have one. Some porn chick on the browser maybe. Beauty of pc gaming is multitasking. Besides, it's like a daily calendar really. Oh blondey, how I love thee. Next day ooh maple tree, how slowly the sap trickles down your thick curves.

Seriously, the internet can f*** up your inner c*** clock. Best to avoid it if you haven't emptied the chamber really.
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