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Best anime t**** and booty games?

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User Info: xEnraiyax

5 months ago#11
ConvinceMe posted...
xEnraiyax posted...

I need the names of all these

Nier Automata- Yorha 2b
Street Fighter V- Menat
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles- Claire Redfield(it's from a cutscene)
Tekken 7- Josie Rizal
Haunting Ground- Fiona Belli
Bayonetta 2- Bayonetta
Dragon Quest XI- No clue because the game isn't out here yet.
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User Info: -______-

5 months ago#12
dark elf

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
5 months ago#13
How has nobody mentioned Senran Kagura?? Me and my friends literally call it "Boobs The Game"

It's nothing but fanservice ontop of fanservice copy and pasted on a Warriors game
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User Info: Massaca

5 months ago#14
^People are gunna be like "how the f***" but I loved the stories in Shinovi and Estival Versus. Like, a lot.

Also yeah, Hyper Booty Senran Ryoubi - Explosive Hyper Booty Battle whoo!

Edit: Well, except the half the the Hanzou and Gessen stories. IIRC end of Gessen was great though.
Also *facepalm* didn't notice who TC was.
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User Info: kaufmaniac

5 months ago#15
Try that Senran Kagura cooking game.I think it's called Bon Appetit.It has what you want.The game doesn't take itself seriously.So the...stories of every participant tend to be pretty funny.I would play it more.If i was better at Rhythm games and all the songs in the game were replaced with some Heavy Metal ones.Seriously...most anime songs i can't stand them.I have nothing against anyone that likes them but they aren't just for me.Funny enough just yesterday i watched for the first time Fist Of The North Star and i was like holy f*** this song is amazing.

User Info: blacklabelice

5 months ago#16
Starless: Nymphomaniac's Paradise

youre welcome!
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User Info: Faiyez

5 months ago#17
Your threads are trash.

Yes, I'm mad.
I think they've taken the freedom and liberty thing a BIT TOO FAR!
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User Info: RainblowDash

5 months ago#18
Dragon Quest girl's boobs get bigger lol
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