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What 2 games are you primarily playing?

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User Info: Terantatek

7 months ago#1
Skyrim SE
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz | Asus ROG Strix 1080TI OC | Ripjaws 16GB 3000mhz | Noctua NH-D15 | Asus Swift PG278QR

User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
7 months ago#2
Cook Serve Delicious 2

What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin joint like this?

User Info: Jedi454

7 months ago#3
Path of Exile
Path of Exile

That's all i've played except the Forza 7 demo in the past couple weeks.
England is my city.

User Info: mucloud

7 months ago#4
Yakuza O on my ps4 dam this is a great game.

And Divinity 2 on my PC loving it.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

7 months ago#5
Project CARS 2 - Rough around the edges but amazing at the core. VR+Wheel+Night+Rain=Grin
Divinity Original Sin 2 - Amazing followup to an already great game. Polished to heck with solid strategy.
4790k @ 4.6 | Asus Maximus VII Formula | H105 | 32GB RAM | 1080ti | 1TB of SSD | 6TB of HDD | Win 10 64bit | ax1200w | HTC Vive
Steam: DV8ing1

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

7 months ago#6
Path of Exile
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

User Info: it_r_over9000

7 months ago#7
Been playing DOS: EE with a friend trying to finish our co-op playthrough before we get DOS 2. I've started playing BF1 again for the first time in 3.5 months after dropping Overwatch for a bit.
i7 4770k @ 4.5 | H115i | Maximus Hero VI | Asus Strix 1080 ti OC | Corsair Vengeance 16 GB | XFX 850w Pro Black Full Modular | 850 EVO 1.5TB | Seagate 1TB HDD

User Info: wantfastcars

7 months ago#8
Samus Returns and GRIP
Now Playing: GG Xrd Rev 2, GRIP, Redout
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User Info: Batto13

7 months ago#9
World of Warcraft


Nothing eventually South Park

But seriously Legion has made me fall in Love with WoW all over again

User Info: HagenEx

7 months ago#10
Warcraft III
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