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Sonic Forces - Story Trailer (English Dub)

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User Info: Risa_Omomo

4 months ago#1
This time, it's in English:

Compare it to the Japanese one: (Main Theme Song is stuck in my head thanks to this trailer.)

^ In my opinion, the Japanese-dub for this one is better, and I don't even play with Japanese dub. Even the font and messages are better...!

Just like what Interfusor said: "Sonikku!" Lol...
CFW Trick and Kotoko Utsugi's father are my idols.

User Info: WhyWontHeFall

4 months ago#2
Day One.

This is what a true Sonic game is all about and why we game on PC.

Screw recycled zones and pixel art. I'm done gaming in 1991.

Sonic Forces 2017 is what it's all about!
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