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Windows 10 store error

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User Info: 50inchDLP

5 months ago#1
My windows 10 store will not let me install anything. I try to install something and it downloads the whole thing then goes to install and it fails with error code "0x87AF000B" every single time.

Now I made a whole new user account on my PC and the store works fine on that account.

I tried tons of fixes online except the clean install because I WILL NOT CLEAN INSTALL THIS s*** SHOULD JUST WORK.

Anyone ever have this problem?

Like I said if I can not fix it then f*** it whatever I just will never use the store. But I do want Forza 7 but will skip it if I have to reinstall windows just to play it. -My youtube -Best show ever

User Info: jhood

5 months ago#2
had the same issue.i fixed it by turning off windows firewall and making sure windows updates was turned on in services.i turned it back off once the download finished and installed.
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User Info: wei-pai

5 months ago#3
Well you are not supposed to use the Windows Store you should know that by now, it is just a s***ty racing game skip it.
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User Info: 50inchDLP

5 months ago#4
Yeah nothings working. f*** this s*** so hard. f***ing Windows is and always was a piece of f***ing s***. -My youtube -Best show ever

User Info: Kokuei05

5 months ago#5
Delete your profile and create a new one.

User error.
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