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For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

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  3. For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

User Info: Sailor_Razor

5 months ago#11
Just going to point out that within that game, those three cards are limited so only one of each to go around.

Mystical Sand and Last Warrior are throw-ins because I have wild cards and components to summon them. A "might as well" case in Mystical Sand, and not realizing it didn't inherently prevent Sets in Last Warrior's, but there's no reason to remove it since I don't need the space for anything else.

Infinite Cards is in mostly because of having dropped Exodia from the starter deck and having space to fill. I also have it in an incredibly lopsided, biased Exodia deck that just preys on the AI being stupid to actually get its work done, as well as having the 1900 club for hitting. The moment a 2000+ monster gets pulled against that one, it's basically toast.

Here it is, though. Might as well say.

Giant Soldier of Stone - 1
Mystic Tomato - 2
Sangan - 2
Witch of the Black Forest - 1
Jar of Greed - 3
Pot of Greed - 1
Change of Heart - 1
Monster Reborn - 1
The Forgiving Maiden - 3
The Eye of Truth - 1 (Because it was made specifically for Rare Hunter, this lets me see how many pieces he's holding)
Jinzo - 1
Skelengel - 1
Magician of Faith - 1
Gemini Elf - 3
Graceful Charity - 2
Time Seal - 2 (These would be high on the "replace this with something better" list)
Upstart Goblin - 1
Slate Warrior - 1
Harpie's Feather Duster - 1 (to wipe Rare Hunter's Appropriate, mostly, used to be a Mystical Nag Typhoon but replaced that after I got HFD)
Appropriate - 1
Exodia the Forbidden One - 1
Left Leg of the Forbidden One - 1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One - 1
Right Leg of the Forbidden One - 1
Right Arm of the Forbidden One - 1
Vorse Raider - 3
Infinite Cards - 1
Call of the Haunted - 1

I don't have Premature Burial, or I'd drop one of the Time Seals for it.

User Info: good_mangorush

5 months ago#12
Does Magician of Faith exist on that GBA game?
The Truth Has Set Me Free!

User Info: Sailor_Razor

5 months ago#13
Yep, it's in the lopsided Exodia deck.

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

5 months ago#14
Oh and I forgot the most important tip of all, keep your deck to 40-42 cards and 42 is pushing it, your exodia deck is better for this reason

The logic behind this is that you want to increase your chances of drawing your good cards, keeping your deck small helps you to accomplish that and decreases a possibility of a dead draw

Beginners tend to stuff their decks with a bunch of stuff they think is good but in actuality they never actually draw what they need simply because it is buried in their huge deck, this is why deck thinning cards like pot of greed are important

User Info: good_mangorush

5 months ago#15
Why only 1 upstart goblin?
The Truth Has Set Me Free!

User Info: Sailor_Razor

5 months ago#16
Just incidentally, I did a round against Keith, and the card I was thinking of is Mechanicalchaser. Also got Snatch Steal from that duel, so that's nifty. Dunno about what you say about the Exodia deck since the only card above 1900 in it is Jinzo, and there are other 1-Tribute cards that can kick it, so against not-Rare Hunter (since he doesn't have any 5*+ cards in the first place), it kind of needs to be incredibly oppressive with the seven hitting cards present or game over, man.

And Upstart Goblin is Limited in Stairway, so I can't put any more in or I would have. If I have any more, anyway, I use other means to confirm if something is Limited or not since the FAQs on here are kind of dodgy and often incomplete.

User Info: kobalobasileus

5 months ago#17
Classic Fusions always sucked. You've also got 3 largely dead-weight 2-trib Normal monsters (BEWDs) that WILL clog your hand at the most inopportune times.

And the 1850 Normal monster you're thinking of is Mechanicalchaser.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

5 months ago#18
Yep. Worked that out going at one with Keith.

The Blue Eyes are mostly just for having the strongest 2-tribute monsters instead of other things like Dark Magician and Gaia the Fierce Knight. It's more that I have the Ultimates in for them, instead of having them for the Ultimates, and the two wild cards makes summoning Ultimate a little more plausible since they increase the odds of a component coming up (I know you can't use both for one Ultimate).

I was always baffled by weak fusions. Mystical Sand, you can just pull something stronger off a tribute (Like I said, it's only in there as a throw-in since it's possible to summon and not taking any space that I need for something else), and especially the likes of Fusionist and ESPECIALLY Rare Fish (trash fusion that takes an even more trash fusion as a component. But why?) where they're so weak you can just summon something like Gemini Elf, Dunames, or even weaker monsters than that and crack them over the head.

Maybe they would've been better if there had been a rule in place where you can special summon non-effect 4* and lower fusion monsters (maybe even 5* and lower, but skimming cards I see a Metalfoes Adamante that might be a little off-kilter with that rule, maybe just 1900 ATK and lower?) without Polymerization, but for now, they're just baffling.

User Info: good_mangorush

5 months ago#19
Lvl 4 and lower fusion monsters is useful right now with instant fusion. Rare fish for example, several competitive decks actually use it.
The Truth Has Set Me Free!

User Info: Sailor_Razor

5 months ago#20
I would have to look into things to see what utility that would have.

Not really related to either of those decks (It doesn't exist in this game), but I'm guessing that "Exodia Necross" basically only exists as a fallback maneuver if one's Exodia deck goes pear shaped?
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  3. For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

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