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For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

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  3. For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

User Info: Sailor_Razor

8 months ago#1
Old as in "it manifested in one of the older games", so anything newer than Rituals doesn't exist. It also applies to the rules of that game, so in the event that something is listed as having more than actual rules allow, that's why. Also the deck used to have Exodia in it because the starter deck I picked in the game had it, but I eventually dropped it, so that's why there are two Mystic Tomatos even though the best they can do is pull Witch of the Black Forest to pull Jinzo (instead of, say, pulling Witch and Sangan to pull Exodia bits).

I know it probably sucks, but still, maybe someone can be a little more specific on why. Just remember that old game, so as far as it's concerned Synchros, XYZs, and Pendulums literally do not exist, and I don't know how any of those work in the first place because back in my day we didn't have any of those newfangled cards.

And yes, I know I'm missing half the components for 3/4s of the fusions I have, that's what Sheep and Beastking are for.

Axe of Despair - 3
Beastking of the Swamps - 1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon - 3
Call of the Haunted - 1
Change of Heart - 1
Cyber-Tech Alligator - 2
Dark Hole - 1
Dunames Dark Witch - 2
Fissure - 2
Gemini Elf - 3
Giant Red Seasnake - 2
Giant Soldier of Stone - 3
Goblin Attack Force - 1
Graceful Charity - 1
Harpie's Feather Duster - 1
Infinite Cards - 1
Jinzo - 1
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer - 1
Magic Jammer - 1
Millennium Shield - 1
Monster Reborn - 1
Mystic Tomato - 2
Mystical Elf - 1
Mystical Sheep #1 - 1
Mystical Space Typhoon - 2
Negate Attack - 1 (Because I don't have a Mirror Force)
Penguin Soldier - 1
Polymerization - 1
Polymerization - 2 (Two different arts, so the game doesn't stack these and the other one)
Pot of Greed - 1
Raigeki - 1
Sangan - 1
Seven Tools of the Bandit - 1
Shadow Spell - 2
Slate Warrior - 1
Summoned Skull - 1 (If I had three, there'd be no Cyber-Tech Alligators)
Total Defense Shogun - 1
Trap Hole - 1
Vorse Raider - 3
Witch of the Black Forest - 1
Zombyra the Dark - 1

B. Skull Dragon - 3 (Because having a bunch doesn't clog up the main deck even if it is impossible to field all three at once)
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - 2 (Because having two doesn't clog up the main deck and I don't have a third one on this game. It is TECHNICALLY possible to get both out at once, but so impractical to actually do so that it's really "just because I have two")
Mystical Sand - 1 (Threw it in because it's possible to summon and I have it)
The Last Warrior from Another Planet - 1 (Threw it in because it's possible to summon and I have it even though I have nothing in to back it up, not even Light of Intervention, so it's terrible)

I'm using the fact that there's a Yu-Gi-Oh game on Steam as my excuse to put this here.

User Info: linkin80

8 months ago#2
I loved old traditional Yu-Gi-Oh, before all these new mechanics. The game today is so much different. I'll take a closer look at your list when I get home because I forgot what some of the card stats where. I do see some weird choices like milenium shield. During this time, basically to have a great Yu-Gi-Oh deck just take the high stat, high performing meta cards and put as many copies in as you can. There's like no reason to not include borderline broken cards like riageki, mirror force, harpies feather duster, change of heart, pot of greed, monster reborn and so on

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

8 months ago#3
It would be a lot easier if you would mention what game this is from, if it is using a certain banlist or using special rules and other things, I have been playing yu-gi-oh up to pendulums so I can help you with whatever era

User Info: Sailor_Razor

8 months ago#4
Edit - Specifically, it's Stairway to the Destined Duel. GBA. Base rules, none of that weird business like Forbidden Memories or Roses.

I would dislike how those two roll less if they at least had the courtesy to cue you in to what would fuse and what wouldn't.

Because I had Giant Rat for a while before dropping for Tomatoes, and the semi-specific situation of a Giant Rat getting knocked out with the opponent's last attack would allow me to pull Millenium Shield and switch it to defense the next turn.

Broadly, I don't have anything that has less than 1800 ATK unless it has an effect because getting throttled by Kaiba's Gemini Elves and Vorse Raiders tends to leave an impact. I know there's an 1850 4* card that I could pull in and drop some Dunames/Sea Snakes for, but I don't know its exact name, I just saw that Keith in the game has it.

User Info: good_mangorush

8 months ago#5
This deck from 12 years ago, I assume? Where is snatch steal then? That card is broken.

Never a big fan of polymeryzation. You need at least 3 cards to summon a monster, and your opponent can easily remove summoned monsters from the field with spell/trap/monster effect. There is a reason why penguin soldier used to be popular.
The Truth Has Set Me Free!

User Info: Sailor_Razor

8 months ago#6
Like I said, it's in a game, so I can't just pick from every card up to a certain point. As for Snatch Steal, I don't have one.

And yeah, that's dumb about Polymerization. I kind of ease on it by having wild cards (Beastking and Sheep), but there's a reason I dumped Magician of Black Chaos when that was in the starter deck. Ritual beatsticks are a drag, it'd have to be something weird like Relinquished to want to bother with having to pull both cards from the deck.

User Info: Bleu_Skie

8 months ago#7
Ah, reminds me of when I played irl. Normal OP cards with a Fire princess theme basically. I never used any fusions tho.

Some cards I remember using not in your deck are premature burial, imperial order, injection fairy lily, cyber jar, magic cylinder, and barrel dragon. No clue if they are in the game tho.

Old yugioh is about straight up power.
It's important to know what the rules are first, so that, when you decide to break them, you can better judge the effect.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

8 months ago#8
I know for sure that Premature Burial, Imperial Order, Cyber Jar, Magic Cylinder, and Barrel Dragon are (Pegasus f***ed me with a Magic Cylinder once). Injection Fairy Lily I've never seen, so it might not be. I've certainly never seen it, and the only character I've never dueled is Duke Devlin, and that doesn't seem like it'd fit his MO.

User Info: good_mangorush

8 months ago#9
Ah, I remember Premature Burial + Abyss Soldier combo. Good old days.
The Truth Has Set Me Free!

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

8 months ago#10
Never played that specific gba game but alright

First you want to ditch the fusions, the old non-archetype fusions were never good and are just wastes of resources and get negated too easily

As soon as you can, replace all the fusion material s*** with 3 stacks of all the broken staples like pot of greed, harpies feather duster, change of heart etc, there is a reason all these cards have been banned since forever and you should abuse them

Old yu-gi-oh is pretty much straight beatdown decks, just power up all the 1800 atk monsters you can with a few removal cards like cyber jar, penguin soldier and solemn judgement

Also situational cards like infinite cards are usually not good, they seem like an excellent idea on paper but in card games it is better to be consistent than having cards that work sometimes, otherwise they are dead draws
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  3. For no reason, anyone care to comment on this old Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

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