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Why are console gamers so afraid to admit that PC gaming is superior?

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  3. Why are console gamers so afraid to admit that PC gaming is superior?

User Info: Bleu_Skie

7 months ago#31
I'm shocked this thread isn't around post #100 yet.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

7 months ago#32
MASKOAAA posted...
BrokenMachine85 posted...
Console games tend to have a lower average skill cap over their PC equivalents (m+kb) which is more attractive to the 'average' person.

the skill cap isn't even considered by most people

When I've asked colleagues and friends before around why they buy games on console over PC the most common answer has always been "because PC gamers just are way too fast for me to keep up with".

Just one person's experience asking around these things though.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

7 months ago#33
xenosaga123 posted...
Star Wars Battlefront alone has PS4 outnumber the amount of active PC players.

Wow, it's almost like we have better games to play on PC so we are able to drop the s***ty ones.

xenosaga123 posted...
PC still doesn't have Bloodborne.

PS4 still doesn't have Civilization. Or Starcraft. Or World of Warcraft. Or PUBG. Or DOTA 2. etc etc. Bloodborne is a f***ing exclusive.

I mean we could also say that PS4 doesn't have the Mass Effect Trilogy, or Dead Space, or whatever game came out on a system before it. I mean, we have "backwards compatibility" after all. Go on, get back to the PS4 board, peasant.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
7 months ago#34
I used to care about these things as well.

I was in the sixth grade.
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User Info: Izicial

7 months ago#35
desert_santa posted...
arleas posted...


This alone was worth coming to gamefaqs today.

User Info: Nazanir

7 months ago#36
CursedPanther posted...
Both PC and consoles have pros and cons. Just use the one that suits you better.

Careful, logic is usually frowned upon in pc vs console debates.
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User Info: wildog2006

7 months ago#37
JoboHotep posted...
They'd much rather have an easily identifiable system, like knowing if they buy a console, buy a game that is definitely for that console, take it home, put in the disc, it works, and they can play the game.

The thing is though, that isn't the case anymore. You don't just put in the disc and play your game. There's installations, updates, game crashes, and so on. Since the switch to an x86 architecture, consoles aren't even consoles anymore, they're underpowered computers that don't even have full functionality.
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User Info: Dragoon Star

Dragoon Star
7 months ago#38
Well the first reason is they can only own one and might not be able to build a pc for themselves so they feel necessary to defend their purchase. It would be ideal if everyone was on PC though since it is the platform where the consumer holds the most power over the corporations who would exploit their userbase with things like paid online.

User Info: RekamOiram

7 months ago#39
PCs are superior. They are also expensive as hell. I don’t use a computer other than basic internet usage, Word, Excel, etc, I also don’t Game half as much as I used to, so I can’t justify the expense. Top of the line graphics also don’t do much for me...just don’t care once you’re beyond a certain level of quality, a level that consoles meet. Consoles are easy and require little maintenance. Consoles are relatively cheap and can serve as an entertainment hub. These are the reasons I stick with a console.
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

7 months ago#40
RekamOiram posted...
Consoles are relatively cheap and can serve as an entertainment hub. These are the reasons I stick with a console.

i dislike contradictions like these.

consoles in plural are considered "cheap". then in the very next line says he sticks with "a" console out of the practically dozen different ones out there they still sell games for.

consoles are EITHER expensive as f*** and have great exclusives like mario, zelda, halo, GT, uncharted etc. OR they're cheap individually but with a FRACTION of the console games the industry boasts about.

both situations never have and will never apply.
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