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Why are console gamers so afraid to admit that PC gaming is superior?

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User Info: no2morro

5 months ago#21
The issue of which is better isn't even a discussion point. PC is better. The cost of entry is higher, but once in...OH MY!!!

Free online gaming (cept for WOW and the like)
Games are far cheaper
No need for ______ remastered editions, as everything upscales
Significantly larger catalog
Significantly larger number of exclusives (please don't waste your time trying to counter, the whole strategy and RTS genre is PC).

That being said, consoles are great for:
- Ease of use
- Some great exclusives (Bloodborne, Horizon Dawn, and Yakuza Zero are great). That said, Sega are already saying the Yakuza series is coming to PC...its just a matter of when (next year I heard).

That issue of having 'no backwards compatibility' with your digital purchases is a brutal killer for Sony, as is pay for online...why even buy titanfall 2 if you have to get PSN+ to play it...Origin will let you play online for free. Same with Gears of War 4...didn't need gold to play that online. Killer game.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 months ago#22
See The Game Collection

User Info: samurai1900

5 months ago#23
su27Chaos posted...
pc gamers should learn to respect each other before going after the console users. online gaming is like driving in a chicago city. its way too toxic.

I too agree with this! - Reference grade - gaming files, guides, saves and videos.

User Info: KainFourteh

5 months ago#24
Why do PC players always need to port beg and reassure themselves?

User Info: GeneralFox

5 months ago#25
I could careless in all honesty...

You like to PC game, that's fine.
You like to game on the console, that's fine too.

I hope you have fun playing the games you enjoy the way you want too. =]

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
5 months ago#26
Why are PC gamers afraid to admit it doesn't matter?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde

User Info: pothocket

5 months ago#27
Shinobi120 posted...
You thought wrong (& I happen to be 35)

Well grow up because this insecurity about what console gamers think is embarrassing. The vast majority of gamers recognize the advantages of the pc platform. This tiny, insignificant, percentage of gamers that you're concerning yourself with here... no one gives a s*** what they think.

User Info: esadherpes

5 months ago#28
BrokenMachine85 posted...
Console games tend to have a lower average skill cap over their PC equivalents (m+kb) which is more attractive to the 'average' person.

This isnt correct either, totally depends on the game. for fighting games and the dark souls series for example, no pc gamer will be playing m+kb. and skillcap isnt higher on pc. i take it you are talking shooter games, RTS or Moba for which i agree.

a good reason to play on a pc besides being able to play the prettiest l;ooking version of a game (if you invest the money in a good pc, and keep it up to date, which is a larger investment than a console) is that online communities are larger and ussually more active and invested in a single game, especially in specific genres (shooters, mmorpg, moba's, rts's). so if thats a genre you wish to play competitavly pc is a good choice.

if you dont have a pc that runs the newest game on highest setting, or dont care about playing with others much (or have a large friend base on psn, or xbox live), i dont see how PC has the advantage over consoles. playing on a console is much easier to get started with (no optimizing graphic settings, no optimizing controls, ussually takes less patches to be playable :p), and most people will have a more comfortable setup for their console (you can play it lying on a couch, where most PC's are stationed at a desk).

all depends on the money you willing to spend, how your game(-genre) preferences are, how your friends are playing and how comfortable gaming is behind the TV or PC in your house.

for reference: i play PC, mostly PS4 and some xbox one. and do this according to what i stated above. i prefer (online-)RPG, RTS and shooter on PC, fighting games and single player games on console.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

5 months ago#29
ColdOne666 posted...
you should be more mature and not act like a 12 year old.

Shinobi120 posted...
It's real cute coming from someone who has Satan's number at the end of his username.

Sums it up really. ColdOne666 has no business telling people to be more mature when they have a username a 15 year old would cringe at.

And he still plays Pokemon, wow.

Tyranius2 posted...
Because they don't want to face the fact that they're having a sub-par experience and the illusion is over the moment they acknowledge it.

Also, this is the correct answer.
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User Info: xenosaga123

5 months ago#30
PC has weak communities compared to consoles, especially PS4.

Star Wars Battlefront alone has PS4 outnumber the amount of active PC players.

generally PC gamers brag about PC than they play games at all.

and PC has the most pirates, cheaters, banned players, and unoptimized games.

even a lot of developers move their games to consoles, than the other way around.

PC still doesn't have Bloodborne.

and using keyboard and mouse is so immersion breaking and unhealthy to the hands/wrists. might as well play Microsoft Word.
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