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why so many s*** lately?

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User Info: ElitestTank

5 months ago#21
RaphaelBelmont posted...
it_r_over9000 posted...
I think I lost intelligence points reading this.

sorry english is my 4th language.

Nice. Not too bad at all.

User Info: thelocalhentai

5 months ago#22
Because that s***ty big bang theory show is still on air and now they're even doing a spin off.

They should just put money into the welfare of the world.

User Info: CELTEKK

5 months ago#23
Darkanagar posted...
RaphaelBelmont posted...
WhyWontHeFall posted...
And those games in your sig are pretty s***ty too.

ikr...they are the less s***ty i am playing.
i so miss diablo 2 days...

why everything is targetting teens nowadays?

are they so market heavy???

movies, music, games, everything is targetting teens...i dont understand...

Diablo 2 is trash

Nice try

User Info: Heisenberg312

5 months ago#24
This thread sounds like an old man going on about the virtues of the beatles and vinyl records while shaking his fist at the youngins.
Now, say my name.

User Info: Skyrazer

5 months ago#25
"Back in the day" gaming was still in its infancy and innovation was only natural while the industry matured. I grew up with gaming throughout the 90s and the rate of innovative and ground-breaking games were hitting us was crazy. But like the 50s/60s were to music or 60s/70s were to film, the gaming industry has had its "golden age" and what there is to be discovered has already been discovered, so now it's just the same old with some touch up and technical improvements here and there.

Maybe VR will open some new ground, we'll wait and see....
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User Info: killerfox

5 months ago#26
Because it's about money. Money versus creativity. Money wins because that's "what makes the world go round". They found an effective marketing formula and they use it so they can haz more money. It's just as simple as that.

There are people out there with so much talent and creativity. If they would team up their games would blow your mind. I can tell you, it's not about making great games right now, it's about money. Sure company's will hire these people because of their gifts, but at the same time they get hired, they have to do what CEO daddy tells him to.

John: "I have such an amazing idea about an open world with...." Boss: "I like your idea John, but right now call of duty xIII+statistics gives us millions of dollars. So please get back to your desk John and make an awesome map pack we can Xtra charge people for"

It's just the way the world works. Accept it. The moment the mind of manKIND will be able to see trough the fascade it will change. But not right now. At this point in time it is more important to enjoy what we have. It sounds stupid, but there is much truth to it
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User Info: lightningbugx

5 months ago#27
Back in the days of N64, Saturn, and PS1, 3D rendering was new. Every game was an experiment. When the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube era came around, everyone had a better idea of what sold and didn't sell. Today, most of the big name games follow formulas that have historically sold well.

Blame the investors.
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