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Nier Automata worth getting at $52?

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User Info: Pelaaja82

5 months ago#11
Who pays full price, when you can get most games for half the price in launch. Nier is a very good game, but the technical issues alone for the pc version makes it not worth full price at all.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

5 months ago#12
It's $39 on steam atm
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User Info: Pelaaja82

5 months ago#13
And about 36 dollars in Cdkeys.
Pc: i7 6700k/980 ti/16gb ram and Ps4.

User Info: Threnagyn

5 months ago#14
My feeling is that the game really is worth it at $52, but considering you'll probably be able to save $20 or so by holding out or getting a CD key from 3rd party, I would wait or look around.

Edit: Wait, it is $39 on Steam, so why would you pay $52?

User Info: cody4783

5 months ago#15
TC, are you in Australia or some other country that gets horribly gouged on Steam prices? $52 is practically what it was on Steam when I pre-ordered it...And as others have said, it's under $40USD right now there.

Either way, it's a 40-50+ hour game if you take your time and go around doing all the quests and taking in all there is in the game. I'd put it as one of the best games I've played this year, easily.

Very fluid, interesting enough (although a little simplistic) combat, solid story with a fair bit of lore to read into if you're into that, and one absolutely phenomenal soundtrack that I actually went out and bought separate from the game just to have and support quality music.
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User Info: RiotJune

5 months ago#16
Worth it at full price imo, but there are plenty of opportunities to get it for cheaper as others have suggested.

User Info: SilentCaay

5 months ago#17
It's one of the best AAA games I've played in recent history. NVidia's recent graphics driver update supposedly fixed the game-breaking white screen crashes that were the biggest of the many PC port issues and the FAR mod fixes a lot of other issues but you'll still need a gamepad since the kb/m controls are basically unplayable. I'd say it's worth whatever price you're willing to wait for but $52 seems a bit high considering how long it's been out unless you're doing a currency conversion and it's usually more than $60 full price.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

5 months ago#18
I'm not going to get it until Denuvo is gone from it.

User Info: Concession

5 months ago#19
It's a really good game, but you should be able to get it much cheaper than that...
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User Info: Fade2black001

5 months ago#20
Not worth 10 bucks. The game's story is wack and the gameplay is shallow
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