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The three sides to this "Real PC gamer" debate.

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User Info: rusty12000

6 months ago#11
I just play tons and tons of Rimworld and Project Zomboid. I imagine i'm not a real pc gamer in some people's eyes.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
6 months ago#12
BadDecisions posted...
Real PC gamer:
Someone that really plays games on PC.
f***in' e-sport ass Club Penguin players are still legit to me, brother.

Literally this.
You wouldn't say someone's not a book lover just because they use a kindle, right?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde

User Info: __Blight__

6 months ago#13
If you need to ask, there's a good chance you aren't one.
"I see light to the east...mornings coming."
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  3. The three sides to this "Real PC gamer" debate.

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