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User Info: richisdisturbed

1 year ago#31
gtomanga posted...

All games end up being out of date & unsupported by the devs/ publishers at some point in the future... I don't get your point?

OT - Yeah bought it day one, loved it, the Sonic 4 we've all craved for how long, anticipating the sequel. As for Denuvo, maybe people should be pissed at the pirates who make these things happen, rather than a publisher for trying to protect their product during it's launch. Oh wait, majority of these people were never gonna buy the game anyway, who are we kidding?
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User Info: Nixemo

1 year ago#32
I got screwed over because PC was my only way to play the game, so I preordered the Collector's Edition not knowing the game would have Denuvo as it was never mentioned til release. While this irked me, I had no way to refund the game and just had to deal with it. Sega's s***ty business practices aside, the game is one of the best Sonic games ever, if not the best one ever, period. I had a blast beating it and will probably go for 100% at some point cause it's seriously that fun. I recommend it to anyone with even a slight love for classic 2D platformers and/or Sonic but would encourage anyone with a Switch/PS4/XB1 to get it on one of those systems instead and avoid the s*** DRM and lack of control options. I had to use a third party program to even be able to use my Genesis gamepad with the game.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

1 year ago#33
I wasn't going to get it in the first place. Even more aside from it because of the Denuvo, but I tend to not like 2D Sonic games because there's never enough screen space for that kind of thing. I'd be interested in seeing someone do a remake or hack of Sonic 1 or something where it has a camera like Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in that you can drag it out all the way if you so please, or just drag it out a variable amount if you're still interested in being able to actually see where Sonic is.

Like how Mega Man Zero activates enemies and such outside of the visible space, so if you're just going through you'll run into some little one-wheel bastard head on. Would be so much less terrible if it didn't count damage taken in ranking.

User Info: GeneralFox

1 year ago#34
Picked it up first day for the PC, 24 hours of play later I 100%ed the game. All Gold medals, all achievements, completed single player with every character inlcuding & Knuckles mode.

I'm still playing it too, and enjoying the hell out of it. Been playing time attack now to try and get good times in the level/zones now.

User Info: Voidgolem

1 year ago#35
It looks like everything I'd want out of a non-metroid platformer, I just have far, far too much other stuff I aught to get around to playing and no time to play any of it.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

1 year ago#36
I decided not to bother, since they delayed it just to shoehorn DRM into it.
I hardly play Sonic 1~Sonic and Knuckles anymore anyway, so it's not a big deal.
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User Info: Cheezmeister

1 year ago#37
tl;dr It's amazing. Go buy it.
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User Info: JonWood007

1 year ago#38
It's the most amazing 2d sonic game since the genesis days.
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User Info: gtomanga

1 year ago#39
richisdisturbed posted...
gtomanga posted...

All games end up being out of date & unsupported by the devs/ publishers at some point in the future... I don't get your point?

if the 10 year time limit is up
the denuvo company ended up shutting down,
bye bye PC game that ppl bought with there money.
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User Info: oblique365

1 year ago#40
It was fun for a bit got bored at flying battery zone 2 thougg and havent played since. It made me play sonic 3 because hydrocity zone.
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