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Which video and music media players do you use?

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User Info: Calculus

8 months ago#11
Retrowire posted...
VLC all the way

Yup, no reason to use others.

Muffin player is nice too though.

User Info: wantfastcars

8 months ago#12
Black_Assassin posted...

jhood posted...
i use mpc so i can watch my vids at 144hz.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

8 months ago#13
VLC and winamp.
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User Info: member1982

8 months ago#14
MPC-HC (all the time) and VLC (louder audio)

iTunes and foobar2000
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User Info: johnny_pay

8 months ago#15
vlc and itunes.

User Info: Shinkoden

8 months ago#16
Media player classic and Foobar2000.

User Info: ArkonBlade

8 months ago#17
YouTube Channel
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User Info: Abiz_

8 months ago#18
VLC and windows media player. Don't need anything fancy for music. I just put it on random.

User Info: darkhouse999

8 months ago#19
richisdisturbed posted...
Retrowire posted...
VLC all the way
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User Info: Starters

8 months ago#20
MPC-HC for vids.
Wmp for musics.
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