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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut - worth it?

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User Info: vlado_e

6 months ago#11
The DLC is decent but...believe it or not, I'd say it's too long. It's nice that it's still the same game you play but the environments you go through aren't that exciting - mostly cramped corridors that go on for a lo-o-ong while. Also, since the DLC was originally separate, you lose all your upgrades when you start it, which makes progressing through it even slower. You do get all your praxis and equipment back when you finish it, though. It's nice, but I don't actually feel like playing through it twice. Still, I should point out that it does feature one of my favourite scenes in the game and it has an actually decent boss encounter which you don't necessarily need to fight your way through.

Another change in the director's cut is overhaul of the bosses. It means that you can defeat them in alternative ways...but, honestly combat is still the preferred way, if you ask me. Minor spoiler - to use an alternative way to combat the first boss, you need to unlock turret hacking. If you don't and you haven't prepared for combat, you are in a worse position than in the vanilla game. Overall, it's a nice touch but I expected...something more, perhaps.

Finally, the game unlocks new game+ if you want to replay it. However, even if you go with it, you will still lose all your upgrades when you get to the DLC.

Overall, though, if you liked the game, and want to replay it - totally go for it.
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User Info: Tyranius2

6 months ago#12
Problem is that with the Director's Cut they made the DLC mandatory so every single time you play through the game you will have to go through Missing Link. It was OK the first time but I don't want to play a stage where I lose all my progress, more than once.

The DC is ok otherwise.
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User Info: MrTuna

6 months ago#13
DLC hurts the pacing but its not terrible

Its just like a 2 hour stealth section. Some backtracking involved
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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

6 months ago#15
Unless you're running it on a potato or have terrible luck, the Director's Cut version is fine. | |

User Info: Jedi454

6 months ago#16
Played through the DC twice, yeah it's totally worth it.
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