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Old games running on Win 10?

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User Info: Andreas2402

5 months ago#1
Win 10 Pro 64 bit
Game list - all on disc:

Diablo 2 + LOD
BG 1+2,
Orange Box - HL2 + EP 1 + EP2
Vampire Bloodlines,
Stronghold Collection
HOMM 3 Complete

Would it make sense to get Win 7 for better combatibility instead?
Would getting them on GOG be more hassle free?
Reason i'm asking is i'm thinking of buying a pc.
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User Info: Cards_and_Hats

5 months ago#2
Windows 7 is not going to be supported anymore plus 99% of compatibility issues can be solved with google, GOG or compatibility mode

There is zero reason not to get windows 10 in 2017, just spend half an hour to turn off all the tracking s*** and you are good to go

User Info: Andreas2402

5 months ago#3
great, thanks. i havent been gaming on pc properly for a long time (since win xp) so i was a little out of the picture.
with the exception of bg2, vampire and witcher which i didnt play yet these are my all-time favs that i will come back to forever
The bigger the lie, the more they believe

User Info: zxxcman

5 months ago#4
In my very limited experience, Windows 10 had slightly better compatibility with the few older games I've tried with it than Windows 7. The games were Age of Empires 1 and 2, and Age of Mythology (original games, not the remastered versions).

And I ran a digital/steam copy of the Witcher a while back, and it worked perfectly. I believe you can use your cd key to get a GOG license for that game, which would fix any issues you have with the game.

Additionally, most of the games you've listed are really cheap on sales, and you could get digital copies of all of them for probably less than $20 if you're willing to wait and double dip.

Here's the Witcher for example for $1.5
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User Info: JKatarn

5 months ago#5
In my experience, Windows 10 has offered similar/better compatibility vs. 7. There's also the matter of 10 just being much faster than 7 in general, even when loaded down with programs.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

5 months ago#6
If a game doesn't work with windows 10, I am sure there is a Fan patch made by now to fix it. I remember Crysis not playing well with windows 7 and there is a simple patch to fix it.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#7
Unless you are on 10, any older OS is gonna get fazed out.
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User Info: gpo1zephyranthes

5 months ago#8
Get Windows 10.

User Info: Andreas2402

4 months ago#9
sorry to bump this but windows 7 seems to be much cheaper.
i do not intend to have a future proof pc but simply one that can run all games that came out so far so i wouldnt have a problem with future games not being compatible.
any other downsides besides programs running slower than w10? do games from 2014/5/6 run much worse on win7?

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The bigger the lie, the more they believe

User Info: lkman

4 months ago#10

Get your Windows 10 licence here, there's only little difference in prices between Windows 10 and Windows 7 cd-key.
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