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Logitech sending me a new G403

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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
5 months ago#1
This thing worked great for about 3 weeks , then all of a sudden the scroll wheel went wonky.

If you scroll down 4 times , the first 3 times will scroll the page down, and the 4th time will scroll the page back up. The worst part is , it's random , so you never know what it's going to do.

Anyway , a picture of my receipt while on the phone with support , is all it took to resolve it.

They're sending me a new one , and told me just to keep the old one.

So good for Logitech, I guess.
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User Info: OssimFace

5 months ago#2
That's what's happening to my G403 too right now. I like everything about the mouse but the scroll wheel.

User Info: bikeblaster

5 months ago#3
meanwhile i'm using a cheap ass chinese off brand "gaming" mouse that's been working perfectly for the last 4 years.

User Info: Boge

5 months ago#4
Logitech is the best I've ever dealt with. It's why I'm sticking with them.

My last issue was the worst though, if you can call it that. I had a G502. The freescroll wheel mode isn't balanced right. It will scroll back a click when you let go, similarly to the mouse you have it sounds like. So they sent me a replacement, but rather than it being brand new like they usually did, it was a refurbished one. It also had the scroll problem. So they said I could select any item they have up to a value of $80. I chose a G500s as it has the free scroll wheel without issues.
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