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so yea....

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User Info: LazyyAmerican

5 months ago#1 data....already been pillaged to kingdom come so who cares?

C/D? (Depending who you are of course)
Apathy....the epitome of evil or something.

User Info: arleas

5 months ago#2
It's starting to seem pointless isn't it? Make a new password every x number of days, include symbols, numbers, more than 8 characters, don't use the same password on every site, make efforts to not get phished or have viruses/keyloggers installed on your computer... Then watch as some major company has their s*** hacked because one piece of software wasn't updated (or some other stupid reason).

The worst part was with the Equifax hack... I didn't explicitly give them my information. They got it anyway and then let the hackers have it. With the yahoo hack they probably didn't get any really useful information. Equifax has all the info you'd need to open an account in my name.
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User Info: Moonse

5 months ago#3
According to Kreia of KOTOR II, "Apathy is death. Worse than death, because at least a rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects...".

Start caring, as many things are still in your control. It's not too late to protect your privacy but it does need your constant vigilance and sacrifice of some conveniences. Following good practices will make it happen over time.

Having someone dig up something you did 10 years ago is not nearly as bad as digging up something you did last week if they were trying to harm you. So may as well start now.
Mind the grue.

User Info: ArkonBlade

5 months ago#4
I've been lucky... so far at least. to not have any thing really major happen to me yet but I've had my paypal hacked into and a few other things but thankfully it has ended well.

Unfortunitly I'm sure there is going to be a time where it doesn't end so well.

I just keep changing my PW every 6 months or so and just hope for the best.
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User Info: gwizzler

5 months ago#5
Remember in Hackers when Joey breaks into Ellingson Mineral because Eugene had his password as God?
"If the animals can find the strength, why can't we?" - Casey Foster

User Info: Cpt_Communism

5 months ago#6
I recently went through and added Google Authenticator or another 2FA to all my accounts with monetary value. I'm still trusting those companies not to f*** up but at least now I feel a lot more secure on my end so I don't blame myself for anything going wrong.
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The ability to walk away from something stupid is a huge boost to daily life.
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