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Mount and Blade: Warband mods

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User Info: KoRnKoB

5 months ago#1
I am wondering what some good mods for M&B Warband are. I've looked about and basically worked out Prophesy of Pendor and A Clash of Kings are the most revered of the lot, but was hoping for a bit more personal insight from others.

First, I noticed 2 ASOIF mods: A Clash of Kings and A World of Ice and Fire, both seem to be popular but I'm at a bit of a loss after reading comments. People say ACOK is not actually a very good mod, and is popular due to the modder doing underhanded crap to get it on top (There is a topic proving he made alts to downvote the other ASOIF mod...) So I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both of these mods, could you tell me how they truly differ?

Secondly, I hear Prophesy of Pendor is almost a whole new game, so for the time being I am planning to avoid it. Still learning how to properly play M&B, but find a few things lacking or a bit empty. I came across another mod called Native Enhanced. Any opinions on this? Is it a good mod for simply adding more to the base game, or more of an unofficial patch?

Thirdly, I downloaded cRPG and Persistent Worlds. I kept hearing cRPG was a good mod but it just seems to be multiplayer maps on a server? What am I missing here... Also, any good stuff for PW besides Calradia RP?

Lastly, I am curious about some other mods I keep hearing about, but seem to have been merged and updated... Things like Floris and Diplomacy? I read Floris is basically a bundle of mods and later comments seem to suggest it's not as good as it once was. Diplomacy seems to get a lot of love, but not able to find the raw version of it to work out what it did exactly... Would love more diplomacy/interactions with other vassals etc.
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User Info: Tyranius2

5 months ago#2
Native Expansion if you want something that looks like vanilla but enhanced.

Prophesy of Pendor is excellent with great world, lore, soundtrack, mechanics and secrets.

Brytenwalda is ok but it's really tiring late game when you need to keep massive trading to upkeep your army.

The Game of Thrones based mods are just mods that took advantage of brand name. Not worth talking about.
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User Info: Kharillle

5 months ago#3
Diplomacy? I think that rounds it off without adding too many features.

My initial favourite was Gekukojo since its very much rounded. I personally recommend 3.1 with suguroku 3.1 but some people say they run into bugs.

Perisno is damned fun. Had a bad experience with a 0.74 version bug, but the most recent version 0.8 is really good. I'd almost say its complete but they got a lot of features they want to add.

Brytenwalda has a lot of time and features invested in it. Personally I found it to be just a brawl with massive losses but its a different style of gameplay. Less cavalry but it sure creates a unique atmosphere.

Pendor has a warped face bug. You might want to look out for it, don't know how I activated it but its a corruption of your game save. Still getting into it.
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User Info: mariopaper

5 months ago#4
I played acok 4.0 or 4.1 and it's basically vanilla warband with the GoT theme, with companions with characters from the show and like 12 kingdoms with their own troops + special troops in certain castles/towns. It has a lot of other features that's not in vanilla like diplomacy that you can customize to some extent in the options. I heard the developer is an a****** but I don't really care about that. Probably worth a try if you just need your warband fix waiting for bannerlords.

I also played a world of ice and fire v1.3 which I found to be much more interesting but plagued with bugs, some of which were gamebreaking. I've been told it has many of the features Viking Conquest had like ship battles and the ability to build your own camp. The mod is definitely a lot harder and more punishing, but I had more fun playing this than acok. V2.0 is literally going to be released in less than 24 hours with a ton of changes and bug fixes and I'm going to try it out. imo this mod has a lot more potential than acok and I've heard many of the bugs were fixed in v2.0.

User Info: CommunismFTW

5 months ago#5
I liked AD 1257.
PoP is good too, but it's a little too fantasy for me.
Brytenwalda isn't needed since they made the viking DLC which is from those devs but better.
cRPG and all online mods are trash.
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User Info: Kinoringan

5 months ago#6
Prophesy of Pendor - The best mod I ever played period. It is also the hardest mod out there. This one really teach you how to play mount and blade. If you think you are good in vanilla, wait till you try this mod.

Gekokujo - If you like to play with samurai, then this mod is for you. The setting is during the japanese sengoku jidai era. The difficulty is same as mount and blade vanilla so you shouldn't have any problem, though you'll have to get used to not having any shield with you.

GoT : A Clash of Kings - If you a good with Prophesy of Pendor, then this mod shouldn't cause you any problem. Strangely there are constant war all around and there no peace period. Castle/city always changes hand and it's hard to "settle down" so to speak. One thing I don't like about this mod is lance weapon always break after 1 or 2 use. Oh, there are numerous quests for you to solve just like in a rpg

Perisno - I consider this mod as Prophesy of Pendor easymode. If Prophesy was too tough for you, then in this game you can relax a bit. There are some beautiful castle/city layout in this game. Oh, and you can marry a princess who has her own army.

Brytenwalda - The game setting is in Britain after the roman have left. It's infantry heavy game with little range and mounted unit (usually even none). So during battle you'll see shield wall after shield wall and you'll have to figure out how to break the enemies shield wall. This game has a "reality" setting - you'll have to camp your army so that you can rest, you'll actually get injury during battle which will lower your stats for several days. If you don't like the "reality" setting you can turn it off.

User Info: dr_marble

5 months ago#7
There was a southeast Asian one called Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth (I think). Elephants, grenades, handheld cannons included. and if you want, you can just use a crossbow to shoot the cannonballs
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User Info: KoRnKoB

5 months ago#9
Thanks for all the replies. Kinda surprised there weren't more opinions on the ASOIF mods, but I think I will give the lesser known one a try first. ACOK sounds very rigid, more like playing a sRPG in a ASOIF setting. It's just a bit hard to see what the true problems with it are with so much of the negative reviews being purely based upon the creators foul personality...

Right now I am downloading Gekokujo- Daimyo edition and Perisno. I would love a bit more information on what exactly Diplomacy and Freelancer are... They seem to be a part of many others mods and I am unsure if the individual mods themselves have become obsolete due to them being used in pretty much every mod that is popular or so it seems.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

5 months ago#10
If you like the Crusades, then Anno Domini 1257 is the mod you want.

I enjoyed the official Viking expansion too.
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