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Can someone explain why TVs look so much like s*** to me?

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  3. Can someone explain why TVs look so much like s*** to me?

User Info: ShadosAtPhoenix

5 months ago#31
If you compare a 32 inch TV to a 20 inch monitor of the same resolution, obviously the TV will look worse since the pixels are bigger.

If you look at a 4k TV vs a 1080p monitor, that should generally be better, but maybe the signal was not 4k.

With that being said, an LG 4k HDR OLED will blow pretty much any monitor out of the water, since monitors with those specs pretty much don't exist. Notable exception being that monitors can do 165-240hz while TVs generally do not, so if you're sensitive to refresh rate.

I can't wait for the day I can play PC games on a low input lag, high resolution HDR OLED monitor...but that will probably be a while :( And no, console games won't do because they don't do high frame rate.

User Info: ablerider

5 months ago#32
zhenghan posted...
usually because they're playing low res content

This is probably the issue, l used to have standard cable TV and it looked odd on a couple of 1080 TV's l have but it was fine on a 720 TV, now l have the HD pack and everything looks better.

User Info: zhenghan

5 months ago#33
My TV is not top of the line but it's still much MUCH better than my monitor for displaying videos. I have a Vizio M55-C2 4k TV with local dimming. But for playing PC/even some console games I much prefer my monitor still, the TV is too far away from me so certain games don't really work well for me as the text becomes too small (for example Witcher 3). But WII U and Kinect games look perfect on my TV since the text size is just right...
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  3. Can someone explain why TVs look so much like s*** to me?

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