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What do you like and hate most about the PC community

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User Info: PlayerAnonymous

5 months ago#1
Not limited to Gamefaq's PC community
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User Info: Somato

5 months ago#2
People that only play 1 game but because it's on PC they think they are one of us.

"can this PC play League of Legends? What's a graphics card?"
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

5 months ago#3
Like - Enthusiast community vibe.
Dislike - Fair amount of trolls, fanboys and immature people.
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User Info: MMG_

5 months ago#4
Like: modders.

Hate: ragers and noobs.
BORED TO DEATH. I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored. I am bored.

User Info: maybecalls

5 months ago#5
LIke - The people taking the trouble to host my favourite Warband servers.

Dislike - The people cluttering up Steam with loads of ultra crappy games.

User Info: Rud3Bwoy

5 months ago#6
I like the people who come here and drop that bread aka the money on quality parts

what i hate?the poor jesters who come here beg for budget builds and then are jealous of the other top quality builders on here who blow that paper
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User Info: Renraku_San

5 months ago#7
Like: There are so many filthy peasants it feels good to be at the top all the time.
Dislike, so many to list:
-PC gamers who are on a budget
-People who are still running Win7
-People who try to game on 'nix
-People who do virus scans because their computer is running slow
-People who are scared and confused by Win10
-People who are scared of SSD
-People who run less than 6 cores
-People who wait for sales to buy games
-People who pirate
-People who ask "is this game worth it for $4?"
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User Info: SinisterSlay

5 months ago#8
Like mods.
Hate apologists and corporate buttlickers
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User Info: samurai1900

5 months ago#9
I love all the possibilities, but I greatly dislike the lack of players. - Reference grade - gaming files, guides, saves and videos.

User Info: MuttonBasher

5 months ago#10
Like: All the in-depth reviews and opinions about various games -- even games I don't play. PC gamers have become highly sophisticated, so it's much easier to find insights into game design than it used to be.

Dislike: The virulent sexism that regularly crops up in discussions. Some of it is outright hateful, which baffles me. Having played games my entire life, I've never understood the bias. I guess that's naive.
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