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Best OS for gaming?

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User Info: crozz15

4 months ago#41
Windows 10!
and hey if you want some games here's one:

User Info: Icehearted

4 months ago#42
My vote goes to Windows 7. There are more than performance concerns, and I am not as eager to simply acquiesce my privacy for some cloud-based features. You cannot fully disable "spyware" in Windows 10, it either won't allow it or resets your preferences covertly.

Those matters aside, I'm a user of legacy applications, and most current games run well or better on 7. This has been tested by other users, with benchmarks, though the performance gains were largely inconsequential. This demonstrates that for now, and probably for the better part of the next year or more, 10 is simply not required or better for gaming.

I think a small amount of digging will show you the pros and cons, the question is, really; what are you willing to trade with one for the other?
"Where ever you go, there you are!" -Pig Killer

User Info: LB3

4 months ago#43
Windows 10 long term. Windows 7 is fine until Jan 2020. That is when microsoft will stop putting out security updates for it.
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