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Best OS for gaming?

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User Info: cheddarsword

7 months ago#1
saving up for a gaming pc, but Winblows 10 is all i'm really seeing available. I've finally figured out how to disable the auto updates, but is an older version of Windows better than 10 that I don't have to worry about getting f***ed over by viruses and updates with? or for that matter, a better OS than Windows as a whole?

As for what type of gaming i'd be doing, i'm getting a build to match Street Fighter 5's Recomended setup on Steam, but that's only because it feels like a decent benchmark for the other games i'm wanting to play such as Undertale, 20XX, Rollercoaster Tycoon, DOA5 (have it on PS4, I want mods!) and others.

I want it to be that strong so that I don't have to upgrade it all that soon. Most of the major titles i can just get on PS4 or whatever current gen console I have. But there's a LOT of good PC games that don't need a f***ing powerhouse to play, however, that bar keeps raising over time and I don't want to be left out. I'm putting loads into this thing as it is.

So is there something better than Windows 10, or do i just disable the updates and go with it?
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User Info: ChaseFAQs

7 months ago#2
Windows 10


User Info: cheddarsword

7 months ago#3
ChaseFAQs posted...
Windows 10


not even gonna suggest something like Linux then? that's fine. I don't mind Windows 10 If i can stop Microsoft from f***ing with it. Guess I'll get Pro then, that way i have that much more control.
In your gods you seek guidance, forgiveness salvation and release.
F*** that s*** they're not here, sick religions will find you no peace.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 months ago#4
Windows 7 tbh.
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User Info: Unknown281

7 months ago#5
Windows 10

User Info: Shinkoden

7 months ago#6
Just go with W10, get OOSU10 and turn off pretty much everything listed.

User Info: NuclearHendrix

7 months ago#7
I was worried about Windows 10 too, after hearing all the horror stories and whatnot, but it has been fine for me. Some of my older games didn't work at first, but the fixes were simple and easy to find online. Newer games just work, no issues at all.

And you should aim for a powerful PC if you don't want to have to upgrade soon. Street Fight V's recommended specs are already outdated.
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User Info: Hexenherz

7 months ago#8
Windows 10.

User Info: gideond

7 months ago#9
Windows 10 really is the only viable option for gaming. Linux is not even remotely a consideration unless you want under-performance and access to about 1/3 of the games available on Windows. We are at the point when Win 7 is not going to get much support and some games are only going to work correctly if at all on Win 10. Bite the bullet and attempt to turn off all the crapware. I'd go with Win 10 Pro and defer upgrades for the most stable system. This is the route I took and I have very few issues. I work on home machines all the time that have problems from the rapid update cycle on home versions of the OS.

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

7 months ago#10
windows 10 if you dont own a collection of fedoras and tin foil hats
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