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How much would it cost (cdn) to upgrade my pc?

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User Info: Spire88

6 months ago#11
fallen_acolyte posted...
TC.. where in the promise lands are you?

Are you in ontario > toronto?

In china town theres a few computer shops that have a lot of outdated products where you can buy for cheap to upgrade within your specs but dude... 150-200? that wont get you far... maybe a few upgrdes to play league of legends.

British Columbia, the Okanagan vally.

There aren't many cheap places for computer shops, the guy I took mine to charged me $40 to see why my hard drive made that sound but he couldn't figure it out.

And the cheapest used "upgraded" pc would be about $239.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 months ago#12
$240 is really cheap for any kind of complete PC.
Your best bet might be to sit and wait for a deal on a prebuilt like the Alienware Alpha or some such. Those can sometimes go for <$200, and they're about the best thing you could hope to get in that range, more than capable of doing what you want and more. Something like that would be golden up to about 2010~2013, good enough for 2014~2016 mostly, and will probably struggle with big releases from 2017 and on.

Aside from that, you're looking at APU territory. At the very least, you need a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM, simply because anything compatible with what you're presently using is no longer sold at retail and not worth the asking price or risks on the used market. This will likely cost $150 just to get started, assuming you have a harddrive already(sounds like you don't, so that's another $50+) and that's without tax or shipping, for some very low-end parts that should work for your needs, but will struggle to keep up past that.

If you can hold off for seasonal sales in december, you might get some deals there, or keep your eye on shellshockers for a really cheap combo deal.

There's also a lot of ~$100 refurbs using Core 2 series CPUs. You could slap a $50 used or bargain bin GPU(without a dedicated power connection) in there for $50 and hope that it doesn't all fall apart, but it's a sketchy solution. Also, make sure it's a standard ATX or MicroATX tower. A lot of these workstations use proprietary form factors and won't fit an expansion card.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

6 months ago#13
You best bet would just to abandon that thing. Get a Dell OptiPlex with a I3 2100 or 2120 for like $50- $60 (not sure what that is Canadian) Just toss in a GTX 1030 or RX 550 and call it a day. That should run every thing you want to play just fine.
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User Info: qeoijlijw

6 months ago#14
just go outside and play hockey, eh

User Info: Fade2black001

6 months ago#15
Isn't Intel Express Family Chipsets only on laptops?
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User Info: Cards_and_Hats

6 months ago#16
There is a point where upgrading becomes more of a hassle, more expensive and less efficient than buying something new

It is safe to say you have reached that point
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