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So how is Crusader Kings 2 without any dlc?

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  3. So how is Crusader Kings 2 without any dlc?

User Info: youshallbeasgod

5 months ago#11
The bundle with some dlc for 20 bucks has some important stuff like vikings, muslims, retinues.
But the base game is good enough to start learning the mechanics.
Relax, it's just a game.

User Info: KaizerLaw

5 months ago#12
Playing CK2 is about as fun as doing taxes.

User Info: shmirlywhirl

5 months ago#13
I'd recommend the $20 bundle if you can swing it. And be prepared to put in a lot of hours just to understand what the heck you're supposed to be doing.

Once you get the game play loop it's quite fun.
Now with 100% real fruit juice

User Info: Axtlar

5 months ago#14
loki00_00 posted...
It's a good game according to everyone else, but I have never been able to understand it enough to actually play it properly. Stellaris might be a more noob friendly option.

Stellaris has an actual tutorial as well.

User Info: red_robin

5 months ago#15
It's my favourite strategy game from the past 10 or so years. But it's not for everyone. Takes a long time to even have a clue of what you're doing.
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  3. So how is Crusader Kings 2 without any dlc?

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