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Looking for an adrenaline fuled, short action game

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User Info: SgtSilock

7 months ago#1
Fueled **

I am not a fan of long games, I like them short & Sweet. I have just finished Rise of the tomb raider and other than the last level I thought that game was really good, and had me up playing to finish it till the early hours.

Does anyone have any other recommendations, either 3rd or 1st person that will give me another short rush?

Thanks guys
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User Info: thefabregas22

7 months ago#2
Metal Gear Rising Revengence.
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User Info: GXL_Leon

7 months ago#3
Vanquish and Bayonetta
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User Info: SgtSilock

6 months ago#4
GXL_Leon posted...
Vanquish and Bayonetta

How long are they? Because I just played through The New Order and found the 10 hour long campaign to be too long for me, by the end I was just rushing it hoping it would be over.

I enjoy games with very short campaigns, games I can complete in an afternoon. They are the type of games that are fun for me.
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User Info: Axtlar

6 months ago#5
Spec Ops The Line.

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#6
Vanquish takes most people around 6 hours I think, though it's very replayable. Metal Gear Rising is a bit longer but it's also very replayable. They're both great if you want a lot of action without much else to get in the way.
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

6 months ago#7
Mirror's Edge. First-person parkour game that's only like 10 hours long. If you manage to get a good feel for the controls and do a lot of parkour without falter it can be a bit of an adrenaline rush. It's bogged down by some forced combat sequences (which I think are the worst parts of the game) but otherwise it's all about finding the path and occasionally dodging bullets while you do.

Killing Floor games might give a more conventional, compact kind of action-packed sitdown. They're multiplayer horde shooters where you go through a couple waves of shooting zombie enemies and causing ludicrous amounts of gore with weapons for all playstyles -- even healing. The game time can be extremely short or long-stretching matches where a lot is going on and there's plenty of things that want to see you die. A simple but addictive game series well suited to short sessions.
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User Info: johnny_pay

6 months ago#8
binary domain

User Info: __Blight__

6 months ago#9
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User Info: ablerider

6 months ago#10
Definitely Bayonetta, the story takes like 8 hours if you're somewhat decent at it (or play on automatic mode/easy)

And if you end up liking it you can try harder modes and look for secret challenge rooms, weapons, items and some other secret unlockables.
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