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Is Divinity OS supposed to be so difficult?

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  3. Is Divinity OS supposed to be so difficult?

User Info: niio

6 months ago#11
You need to abuse CC and you need to abuse items and elemental effects.

Ice zones are incredible against melee.
Electric fields are good as well

Knockdown and charm arrows are great as well.

Iirc i used 2 mages 1 rogue and 1 archer. Warriors were underwhelming to me. Mages are OP.

I used mages to create zones of cc and the rogue and archer would focus down stronger enemies while the mages dealt with adds.
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User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#12
niio posted...
Iirc i used 2 mages 1 rogue and 1 archer. Warriors were underwhelming to me. Mages are OP.

Mages are strong in the beginning but at the end they're a bit pathetic. Warriors are OK in the beginning but in the end with home-made tenebrium weapons they're doing like 1200 damage with a special or 600 damage with a regular attack while a mage is struggling to pull off 550 damage with a huge spell that has a long cooldown or 150 damage with their standard spells.

I'm pulling the numbers out of my ass a bit because I haven't played in a super long time but the exact numbers aside, my warrior was so powerful by the end of the game that my 2 mages and 1 ranger were basically sitting on the sidelines while he steamrolled everything. Crafted weapons are stupidly overpowered because their stats when you craft them scale to your level.

User Info: it_r_over9000

6 months ago#13
I have a dual wielding warrior in the co-op game I'm playing with a friend and I'm the main source of damage for the team. We have me, my friend who is playing an archer, and 2 mage companions (one being Jahan and the other a mage we picked up from the homestead). He controls his character and Jahan and I control mine and the other mage.

Basically, the first turn of every combat, I use Crushing Fist or Battering Ram to try and knock down a threat and then use Encourage to buff everyone and also use the Scoundrel Haste ability which I forget the name of. Then I activate the Man at Arms rage ability and proceed to use Crippling Blow or whatever it's called (Man at Arms skill) every turn for 1K+ damage which is usually enough to either outright kill something or at least weaken it to the point where it can be finished off by someone else. Because of my points in the Man at Arms skill and my strength, I can use that skill every turn so I don't even have to use normal attacks. Also don't forget, warriors can pick up spells too. There are a few that are quite useful that don't require any intelligence investment namely Teleport, Thunder Jump, and Summon Undead Warrior. I get a lot of mileage out of those.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

6 months ago#14
Honestly just change the difficulty to Easy until you get to around level 7-8. The level progression in the early game is frustratingly bad. I've seen so many people quit the game early because of it.
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User Info: Kinoringan

6 months ago#15
If you find the enemy is higher level than you, you are in a wrong place, turn back and find a place where the enemy is the same level as you. Generally in 1st map, go west from the city gate to the lighthouse first and then from there on move towards northwest (portal place) and to the north, once you hit the church somewhere in east area, stop and go back down to the city, go southwest along the beach area and into the cave, once you clear the cave, go back to the church area and clear the rest of the map.

The 2nd map area also have the same problem Turn east from where you entered the map to go inside a house, explore the house and reach a comepletely new area, after clearing all of that, return to the 2nd map area, go east beyond that house and clear whatever is on that path, after that turn west and enter the town, from the town , go northwest and start clearing the rest of the map

User Info: captsplatter_1

6 months ago#16
Ya it was too overwhelming and sold it. But a very good game though.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

6 months ago#17
Do i need two copies of the game to play over LAN with my gf?
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
6 months ago#18
PSP_H0mebrew posted...
The issue is everywhere I go the enemies are higher level than me

Then don't go there.
Seriously, it's a rule that isn't explained very well but even a single level adds a huge amount of difficulty to the combat. You're looking to fight same level or lower in general.

I had the same issues, I found each fight felt like a boss encounter because things often got really out of hand and I felt outnumbered constantly. I knocked the difficulty down to "I just want the story" and the combat is just about challenging enough to be engaging and not so simple as to be boring. Honestly, the easy mode felt like what I'd have expected from normal.
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User Info: sfcalimari

6 months ago#19
I don't know about the EE but in the original version of the game, mages are ridiculously OP compared to all other classes because they could use massive AOE spells that combo'd with one another. Like you can cast poison and then fire to cause a giant fire explosion, then cast oil and cause another big explosion, etc. Or they'd cast rain and then an ice spell to freeze the enemies. None of the other classes can do this so quickly and so devastatingly.

I had an archer as one of my main guys and three mages and the mages would just mop the floor with everything while the archer sat around being largely useless. I tried the fighter companion early on and she seemed pretty useless compared to the mages too.

So maybe try using mages.

DOS II has done a lot of subtle tweaking to make melee classes more viable and mages less OP. I don't know about later spells in the game but all the spells I've found so far are pretty limited in terms of how big an area they affect, it's not like the first game where you could nuke the entire screen in one turn.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

6 months ago#20
Modding this game is hard. Every tool is on a Dropbox account that 404s
He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent! - Brother Silence
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