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Is Divinity OS supposed to be so difficult?

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  3. Is Divinity OS supposed to be so difficult?

User Info: PSP_H0mebrew

5 months ago#1
I got this game since I was interested in the series given everything I've heard about it and its new sequel, but im about 4 or 5 hours in and its really frustrating. Im using a Warrior dual wielding one handed swords, a Ranger archer, and a Warrior using 2handed swords and Mage who mostly heals and uses water and lightning magic I recruited in Cyseal.

The issue is everywhere I go the enemies are higher level than me, and my characters take incredible amounts of damage from every attack. Every enemy group seems to have a huge amount of tools and options to use against me and all I have is a couple of knockdowns and freezing attacks. Im on Classic/Normal difficulty if that means anything. Every battle is incredibly stacked against you and I never seem to get any good loot.

Do I really have to look up a guide on builds or something? since my characters feel really ineffective.

I play games like XCOM 2 on Legendary so I dont know why Im finding this so difficult.
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User Info: Terantatek

5 months ago#2
Yes it's hard. Look up perfect team combinations. Also some areas are higher lvl than others but you can go there before the lower level zones. Fyi.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

5 months ago#3
Until you are like level 7 or so, don't ever attack mobs higher than 1 level above yours unless you want to use cheese strats. The level scaling in the game is bonkers. There is always a path that will keep you in that range easily though. Try to disable enemies as soon and as often as possible. Knockdown is a great way to do so.

Don't forget that you can sneak around areas and split your team up so you can have advantageous starting locations. Mastering the environmental rock paper scissors mechanics are also tantamount to your success.

Game is not easy but its so damn good. I have like 60 hours in it since release (yay holidays!) and have had my fair share of frustrations as well. I always found a way to change up strategies and win so far though and that's exactly why its so fulfilling. I don't want a 'me too' build that makes the game a cake walk. Come up with your own strategies and play with the games mechanics. There are very few limitations enacted upon you.

Also try and keep up with equipment... Like I said level scaling in this is huge and you can easily double your armor values over just a couple levels.
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User Info: PSP_H0mebrew

5 months ago#4
Well at least its not just me, thanks guys, I'll see what I can do.
Everyone wants to know the truth, until they find it.
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User Info: it_r_over9000

5 months ago#5
Did you walk out of Cyseal to the north gate? If so that's why. The north is a higher level area that you're supposed to go through later. Take the west gate instead.
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User Info: vlado_e

5 months ago#6
PSP_H0mebrew posted...
The issue is everywhere I go the enemies are higher level than me

That is indeed the issue. You should only go for enemies that are the same level as you. When you get to Cyseal you can talk to people around and do quests - you should hit around level 3 before you need to leave town. There is a small dungeon you can visit before actually officially leaving the city - it's in the graveyard and you will face some skeletons there - I believe they are around level 2 or so.

Once you have finished all quests you can do in Cyseal leave through the north west door - the one that leads to the area with the rain. That has the lowest level enemies. Afterwards basically head for areas that have enemies of your level.

Do remember that there is a strategic element to battles as well - enemies can very easily destroy you if they get the drop on your group, however, you can also use this to your advantage - you can set up before a fight, for example if you light up oil on the ground, they will try to avoid going through the fires, therefore, you can use that to do stuff like separating enemy groups or making them waste their turn running around the fire. Use status effects and battlefield manipulation to help yourself in battle.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

5 months ago#7
My friend and I were having a tough time with the combat until we realized we went the wrong way and were actually in a higher leveled area. We got back on track and now things are almost too easy
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User Info: it_r_over9000

5 months ago#8
I just realized I should have specified northwest gate into the rain because there's 2 west gates and one of them leads to the beach with orcs that are pretty high level.
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User Info: ElDudorino

5 months ago#9
The game doesn't really tell you where to go so like others have said, just keep wandering around until you find enemies your level.

The game's second area is where it gets especially ridiculous because there's a very obscure way to get to the correct 'next' area and if you miss it as many people do, you'll be stuck battling enemies 1-2 levels higher than you and every battle will take an hour as you miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, HIT!, miss, miss, miss, etc. even with buffs. If you want a quick tip about where to go when you start that area, which is mostly spoiler-free:

Once you've entered the second area, close to the start of the zone there's a narrow pathway covered in a million traps with a treasure chest at the end. Make your way past the traps and over to the treasure chest with somebody who has perception. You'll find a hidden dig spot next to the chest, so dig there. This dig spot contains what you need to get to the next level-appropriate area.

Playing on your own, if you don't happen to randomly stumble upon what I mentioned above you'll be in for a rough ride.

User Info: mucloud

5 months ago#10
Ya this game is s*** hard!!!! Even enemy's 1 of lower you are hitting hard lol
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