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Fallout New Vegas UE: Mod question!

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User Info: KoRnKoB

5 months ago#21
ablerider posted...
There's an Elizabeth (Bioshock) "race" mod and after installing it l never looked back, she kinda fit's in this world xD.

The same autor has an Elizabeth companion if you prefer.

For clothing l guess just browse the armor and clothing categories in the nexus.

I will check that one out!

Remade my character with another facial texture and it looks better... No makeup effect that looks like anime lol.

This next question may be weird, but anyone with experience know a better female body mod than BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3? I just realized all women walk on their tippy-toes and it looks... weird? I'd say it's due to the model being ripped from some high-heel wearing centrefold lol.

I find it funny how much easier it is to find mods like 'SexOut' rather than immersive nude mods.
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User Info: CourtofOwls

5 months ago#22
the walking animation is tied to the animations and skeleton so you'd want a new walking animation,not body
also there are better faces/bodies but i don't remember where to get them anymore
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