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What are some of the best Co-op games?

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User Info: bubbub01

6 months ago#21
xenosaga123 posted...
PC is getting FFXV so that means its likely getting FFXV Comrades as well, the ultimate Final Fantasy game, not counting FFXI and FFXIV since those has subs, and no matter how epic they are, the mainstream rather buy an expansion for character creation and co-op, than pay for subs

You sound like you're trying to be a fanboy. I like FFXV a lot, but I wouldn't run around on boards going THE ULTIMATE FINAL FANTASY GAME. Seems like a sure-fire way to get people yelling at you.

User Info: Boge

6 months ago#22

Great site.
With deeper knowledge and experience, everything else becomes more shallow.

User Info: Unknown281

6 months ago#23
yohabroha posted...
Terantatek posted...
Rather pathetic imo how small the coop game listing is.

...or you're just ignoring me every time i post. yes i'm going to post some shooters and games that get listed, but bear with me:

Portal 2
Dead Space 3 (same thing as RE5, horrible Dead Space game, wonderful co-op game)
Saints Row 3/4
Kane & Lynch 2
Monaco: What's Yours is Mine
Sniper Elite 2/3/4
Zombie Army Trilogy
Orcs Must Die 1/2
We Were Here (free to play)
Dark Souls 1/2/3
Watch Dogs 2
Far Cry 4/Primal(?)
Grim Dawn
Diablo 3
Divinity Original Sin 1/2
Viscera Cleanup Detail
Torchlight 2
Ryse Son of Rome
Battleblock Theater
Shadow Warrior 2
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Payday 1/2
Killing Floor 1/2
Metal Slug Franchise
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Castle Crashers

Good list and I also like to add TowerClimb as well, seriously everyone should buy that game if they like roguelike platform games where you climb the tallest tower in the game, difficult as f***, could never beat it solo.

User Info: Landojesus

6 months ago#24
Enter the Gungeon
Streets of Rage 1-3
Mother Russia Bleeds
Mercenaries Kings
Risk of Rain
Trine 1/2
Battleblock Theater
Neverwinter Nights 1/2
Baldur's Gate 1/2
Icewind Dale 1/2
Castle Crashers
Sonic Racing Transformed
Moon Hunters
Secret of Mana
Victor Vran
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light/Temple of Osiris
NP:Elite: Dangerous, Dead Cells, DK:Tropical Freeze, Super Stardust HD XBL/STEAM: Landojesus PSN: Ohiaeco -Always down to co op, send me a request!

User Info: farigonti

6 months ago#25
Enter the Gungeon
Satellite Reign
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