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PCH, What do you do for a living?

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User Info: UnderwaterAir

6 months ago#81
Research and stuff. I dunno. lol

User Info: Jedi454

6 months ago#82
Professional Youtube Minecraft Let's player.
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User Info: Silvererazor

6 months ago#83
Researcher at a biotech company. Also started a small beebusiness a few months ago.

User Info: NBA

6 months ago#84
I'm an audio dealer and an interior designer. I work on commission and sell luxury high end audio brands like McIntosh, Martin Logan, Bowers and Wilkins, Sonance, Def Tech, Rotel, Furman you name it. Its assloads of fun and I get to listen to and demo $100,000+ 2ch setups every day. I schedule in home consults and design entertainment rooms, whole home wifi networks using Luxul and/or Ruckus and schedule installs for Savant and/or Control 4. The most fun job I've ever had honestly.

User Info: LiquidGaga

6 months ago#85
Secretary to a politician
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6 months ago#86
Former cop. Retired early on a medical pension due to injuries and now run the Emergency Dispatch Center for a medium sized City on the East Coast.
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User Info: BootLoxes

6 months ago#87
English teacher in japan
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User Info: awezomerobot

6 months ago#88
Physicist at a large aerospace company

User Info: Bossdog421

6 months ago#89
Practice Administrator for a large medical practice.
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User Info: Voxwik

6 months ago#90
I work at a CPA firm. Not as a CPA, but for filing/processing billing, project tracking/reports, scanning things and such. I have incredible freedom to say mess around coding in VBA to make tools for myself for the job or to look into solutions for various organization of data about the clients. They invite me to their meetings about the firm's software, so even if I'm not technically in IT I'm incredibly flattered they trust me enough to consider my input like that.

I'm not ashamed I'm not a CPA. I spent many years not even leaving the house, and not seeking help sooner is my only regret on that front. I'm happy to be working full time now. I love this job and they like me so it's a win/win situation. Perhaps I'll study more some day, but if not I am 100% happy with my job right now. I'm incredibly grateful for that.
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