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PCH, What do you do for a living?

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User Info: jhood

4 months ago#101
i work at the plantation called amazon
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User Info: g_lethal

4 months ago#102
Biomedical technician

Was military but the anger started to redline.
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User Info: -GhosT-

4 months ago#103
Lead software developer of an IT company. I design programs to fit the specific needs of our clients, as well as create Intranets for each company, which incentivizes our clients to want more modules implemented in them.

For example, I just created a software that works on a touch screen on some old-ass industrial rolling plastic printer for a meat company, to help them label their products.

Our main thing right now is a car dealership requisition scheduler, to help organize the workflow of their staff.

A side program to that is a completely dynamic queuing system for their salespersons to direct whose turn it is to get the next client, as well as a form generator, so that they can replace the thousands of pages of info that piles up. The software also lets you generate customized reports of any info the sales manager could ever desire. (Sales $ number, % of sales per employee, best selling vehicles.. etc)

It also has a schedule creator, so people can see their work schedule in a single click.

It's pretty awesome work, and it pays nice. Just got the lead developer job 2 months ago, and just bought a new car. Life's good :)
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User Info: jgatlabayan

4 months ago#104
I own and operate a small craft brewery/malthouse and operate a startup software company with my wife
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User Info: red_robin

4 months ago#105
Tech Lead at a software development agency.
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User Info: EvilGiygas

4 months ago#107
Appliance delivery and installation. Business and residential.
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User Info: Andreas2402

4 months ago#108
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User Info: Paulo_Lopes

4 months ago#109
I've been testing software for about a year now, finally going back into software development next month.
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User Info: RaphaelBelmont

4 months ago#110
i have sex with rich morbid obese people.
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