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Good Tech companies to invest in?

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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

6 months ago#1
I remember years ago in 2009/2010 around when I first got my pc I used to look at AMD, Intel and Nvidia Stock just for fun. I never knew how to invest in the stock market though. But all 3 of their stocks were way cheaper. Heres a pic of my desktop from back then

Somebody recently recommended the Robin Hood App to me so now I can easily get into the stock market

Recently I had bought AMD and Intel Stock and and wanted to buy Nvidia Stock, then noticed their stock price was a whopping $170+. It was strange that they were actually higher than Intel

I had a lot of money saved up(On average about $5000, but I had $8,000 at my max) from Grants and Scholarships and my job, and I was trying to save it but it dwindled over time now I don't have much of it left anymore. I wanted to invest but I didn't know how. Now I figure I might as well buy a stock or two maybe put in a good $300. Plus I could take it out whenever I need it. Better than have it in the bank account doing nothing.

If only I had invested just 100 in Nvidia just 1 year ago. I would have $1000 available to take out right now, which would actually help a lot.

So basically I'm wondering what are some good computer related companies to invest in? Computer related because I atleast follow the industry so I know about what I'm investing in. So far I have 1 stock in AMD, Nvidia, Intel and I just bought 2 stocks in Cypress (A company that makes USB Type C Controllers)

The AMD, Intel and Cypress stocks were all cheap ~$15 to 30 each a stock. So thats cool

User Info: Lienhart

6 months ago#2
I have 8~ years of trading experience. I've also had a ton of f*** ups. Here's my #1 rule for investing:

Assume anyone telling you to invest into x is wrong

Now that that's out of the way. Go buy and read a few books on this. You cannot learn this by scouring around on the internet. Try Millionaire Teacher to start, and go from there.

I have a couple thousand shares with ATVI btw, and I bought them when they were $13 bucks. I can't recommend buying them now because I swear the video game industry has a bubble and it needs to pop. You can also look at this and the recent prices then conclude "OH MY GOD, THIS GUY IS RICH!"

But wait, here's the flip side of things. Canada Ontario has plans to legalize marijuana. So what did a bunch of us do? Dump money into speculative stocks that had to do with MJ production. The section of my portfolio is currently at -75%

And, even though this goes against my own rule and I could be completely wrong, you're better off investing in Nvida and Intel than AMD; AMD is known for management issues and is why they keep restructuring (firing people). And honestly, since tech companies rake in so much money for the US, you're better off just buying a tech index etf or something instead. If you don't get these terms, this is why I referred the book earlier.

Also, in before some a****** marks this as off topic and/or the educational value of this thread gets s*** on all over by trolls.
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