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Help trail of cold steel or divinity 2?

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User Info: nativeboi85

5 months ago#1
I know both are very different rpgs but i can only buy one, which :( lets raise that fleek for the ultimate boss video

User Info: Terantatek

5 months ago#2
Divinity 2
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User Info: Pelaaja82

5 months ago#3
Have been playing Trails of the cold steel now for about 30 hours and it is enjoyable jrpg for sure.

Tales of berseria have been quite boring with 30 hours played so far, but Trails game managed to keep me interested for over 30 hours and no end in sight.

The story/characters are also quite interesting so far and the music/combat is just great.
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User Info: yohabroha

5 months ago#4
Divinity 2
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User Info: DV8ingSources

5 months ago#5
Divinity 2... 40+ hours in now and its just awesome. The battles are getting super interesting with all the different tactics you can execute.
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User Info: pearlspade

5 months ago#6
Here to parrot divinity 2.
Didn't Read.

User Info: Code 51 50

Code 51 50
5 months ago#7
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User Info: it_r_over9000

5 months ago#8
I can't wait to play Divinity 2. My friend and I have had a co-op game going in the enhanced edition of Divinity 1 for over a year now because we only play it like once every month or 2. We're level 16 and getting into the final act I believe. I want to hurry and finish it so we can play the second game.
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User Info: nativeboi85

5 months ago#9
Thanks my besties lets raise that fleek for the ultimate boss video

User Info: VoidNoodle

5 months ago#10
Although the game is somewhat buggy(lots of quest-related bugs like quests not finishing in the Journal even if you've already completed them), I still recommend Divinity. Really good game.
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