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Can PC Survive Without Multiplatform Titles?

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User Info: Hatsune_Miku

7 months ago#21
pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup!!

User Info: SilentCaay

7 months ago#22
zhenghan posted...
What res does it run at without FAR mod?

Some odd resolution that's like 90% of what it's set to.
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User Info: Hagan

7 months ago#23
I avoid pancakes and waffles as its bad for the waistline.

Usually eat eggs for breakfast on weekends, and during work/week days its a protein granola, or a corn/rice based cereal.
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User Info: Silvererazor

7 months ago#24
yohabroha posted...
pancakes or waffles

I'll go with the simplest solution to this problem: a Panwafflecake.

User Info: premature tyrant

premature tyrant
7 months ago#25
waffles obv

you pancake people animals
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User Info: Ivany2008

7 months ago#26
I just wish that after a year of a console being out, they stop making multi-platform games in the sense of PS3 and PS4. Just make it PS4. Force people to pick up a PS4. By that time, the price has gone down considerably on a PS4 and it starts having a decent selection of games.

My point being, I don't mind multi-platform games, but most of the time they end up being worse than they could be because devs are taking ports from older systems. Which is why we ended up getting a terrible port of FF9 to PC. The overall game was fine, but controllers didn't work natively for a while, which meant you would have to use a mouse in battle which took away from the feel of the game. All because they used Android instead of PS1 refined.

User Info: sylverlolol

7 months ago#27
This topic is now about pie. Pumpkin pie is objectively the greatest pie of all time. OF ALL TIME.
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User Info: yohabroha

7 months ago#28
pumpkin pie? you mean s*** in a tin?

anyway, i'll take blackberry pie
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User Info: it_r_over9000

7 months ago#29
Hatsune_Miku posted...
pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup!!

This but waffles.
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User Info: DivineWraith

7 months ago#30
Eating either makes me gag, probably a result of growing up eating bad pancakes, and waffle attempts with the same type of batter.

I'll go with dry toast over either of those.
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