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Lords of the Fallen Steam sale

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User Info: -javi-

6 months ago#1
Worth picking up for $5.99? Anyone play it on pc?

User Info: Pelaaja82

6 months ago#2
Worth it with that price and the game was ok, but kind of liked to crash once in a while.
Pc: i7 6700k/980 ti/16gb ram and Ps4.

User Info: neroAngelo

6 months ago#3
More than worth it at $6. It's better than DS2.
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User Info: -javi-

6 months ago#4
Cool, thanks

User Info: Borticus1

6 months ago#5
I played for a few hours, it crashed, I quit and played Dark Souls again instead. I found any Dark Souls game better, including DS2 (which I actually like).

But for what it's worth, I've never enjoyed lesser clones when you can go back to the original. Back when I was younger and had more gaming time, maybe, but it's too precious now.
"Your superior intellects are no match for our puny weapons" - Kang

User Info: Voidgolem

6 months ago#6
DS sans -even more- polish. plus denuvo and a host of gameworks bugs.

That said, if you've already played DS to death and want something else with souls-y combat, there's worse you could do with $6.
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