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how would you rate skyrims exploration?

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User Info: SlashmanSG

5 months ago#41
Over 800 hours in and I'm sure I haven't seen it all. Especially when I play without fast travel, I always find something I'd never seen before.
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User Info: thanthen

5 months ago#42
My old hard drive making noise when a new monster is about to spawn / 10

User Info: Golden_Gonads

5 months ago#43
The first few dungeons in Skyrim are great. Little stories, personalised NPC's and a sense the random mooks aren't so random. Then by the time you hit the first major town, those little touches have almost all disappeared and everything's generic again. I suspect they made the dungeons first, then went back at the end of development to add fluff, ran out of time and decided 'sod it'.

It's similar in Fallout 4. You have four or five bandit camps all interconnected through terminal entries, but past those (that you find in the first few hours) there's not a lot to differentiate most locations.

User Info: Requiem

5 months ago#44
I thought Skyrim took a step back from Oblivion (which, in turn, took a step back from Morrowind) in terms of the variety in the environment / dungeons.

Is it due to higher textures and whatnot taking up more spaces on the disc / harddrive, so they don't have room to include more textures for variety?
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User Info: DivineWraith

5 months ago#45
Tedious. Too much of the same environments, too much of the same enemy types. It wasn't even worth it to actually explore most of the time. I don't feel like I was ahead in terms of materials from all the time I wasted exploring early, that should never happen.

I had much more fun exploring in Oblivion, until I realized that destroyed any chance I had at beating the game with that character because it was during the early times, with horrendous scaling and unbalanced as f*** white goblins at level 40+, because I wasn't playing a reflect tank.

User Info: thelocalhentai

5 months ago#46
Gets old real fast but that's a bethesda game. Always got into moods of no fast traveling when I start then after a couple of hours (quests around Whiterun in Skyrim), I just say f*** it and fast travel since everything is very similar and marked.

Even the unmarked stuff is very underwhelming. The only real exploration thing the game has is the Barenza gems but even that's not fun to do. Things just seem to be handed to you unlike Morrowind but that game was way too big.

User Info: BearShrooms

5 months ago#47
There's not enough happening, period. There's honestly not that much to find. Very little that you find is really much more than a generic dungeon. There's no epic sprawling quests for great loots or abilities or whatever. There's not much to "solve". And there isn't nearly enough variety nor amount of random events.

Yeah, sometimes you have to run back and forth a lot, especially without fast travel, but it's small and there isn't anything really happening in between other than "generic".

honestly, like 4/10 if not worse.

User Info: SirHeiska

5 months ago#48

Exploration itself is pretty good, but because of scaling, writing and poor amount if unique items it feels really unrewarding.

User Info: SgtSilock

5 months ago#49
Scale of 1 - Mountain?

Too many mountains.
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User Info: Spaced92

5 months ago#50
Eh, I only like exploration games when there are actually unique things to find. I can walk past 10 Skyrim dungeons and know there's nothing in there. I can walk a fair while and not find an interesting landmark, every time I thought I was about to find something awesome it was another goddamn entrance to that underground cave place.

I don't like Fallout 3 as a game, but it's exploration is actually a hundred times better, little out of the way things like dunwich building which had lovecraft elements to it and you could easily never go into. There were generic places in the game sure, but I never felt certain in 3 that a place is completely pointless to go into.
New Vegas also had a nice mix of pointless little spots with nothing there and unique locations, albeit because there were less locations in general you were more likely to find something interesting. Some of the more out of the way spots had hilarious terminals and notes, like the girl who camped out in radiation to turn into a ghoul and become immortal (obviously didn't work) and employees and their weird cheating in House's brothers building. The edge of the map had some of the best bits.

Skyrim and Fallout 4 give you a nasty feeling of, meh, why even bother when you find a dungeon. The edge has a bunch of ruins with random loot.
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